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lms found in my moms thigh

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Hi to all here.
We are trying to get a dr that can advise my moms oncologist on best treatment for this cancer. My parents are in South Louisiana. I am trying to find a specialist but the closest I have found is in Houston. Part of the problem is she is on medicaid and medicare, medicaid does not cover in other states. She just got diagnosed last week and is seeing a surgeon today to possibly remove the lump, they said it is only 1/2 cm in size, I saw and felt the lump and it seemd larger to me. We are thinking we will try to get more info before it is removed because of everything I am finding on internet about wide margin removal. I will call the american cancer society today in their area for referrals in hopes that a specialist will advise and work with the drs available to her. She even had trouble finding a regular oncologist to see her due to having medicaid and medicare as ins.
I pray for all of you to find peace and healing.
Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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