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Partial nerve sparing

The Nev
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Hello all I was wondering how many of you all that had nerve sparing on one side only are able to have an erection? I had nerve sparing on the right side only and had my surgery on Sept 29th and still have had no luck at all. I have talked to a few guys and found no one with the partial sparing having any luck. So is there hope or am I destined to have shots or another surgery? Hopefully some of you guys have had some success

hopeful and opt...
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I sent another post last night that is being reviewed.

To add the side effects from surgery can be severe, and is age related. Having ED among patients is NOT rare, and unfortunately happens all too much. So does incontinence. That is why I do not support this procedure, and advise other forms of treatments.

I believe that your reaction to the side effects of this procedure is appropriate.

If my previous comments are posted, I briefly spoke about resources for adjustment and  improvement


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