nsclc 3-a R upper lobe Had to back out of the operation

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Hi every one my wife's surgery was not successful, The surgeon first did a bronchostapy.Everything looked good and it was a go,the pathology was only scar tissue.Next he went in threw a 12" incision to remove the upper right lobe and then had to back out because the scar tissue was to close to the top of the chest wall and major blood vessels,he feared to much bleeding would occur.We are staying optimistic and praying for everyone.


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    So sorry....
    I'm so sorry your wife's operation was cancelled. I can't imagine what you are both feeling right now. Has your wife received chemo or radiation?? If not maybe they can get her on a treatment plan that will give her more time.

    I also have NSCLC, mine is inoperable because it is too close to the pulmonary vein. I received chemo (cisplatin) and targeted radiation (Stereotactic Radiosurgery) which is a more precise beam of radiation that does not destroy the healthy tissues like traditional radiation. I also have SCC of the larynx but after chemo and radiation I am now in remission.

    Please check with her doctors and find out if chemo and rads are an option for her and post again to let us know how you are both doing.

    I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers.

    Take care and stay strong.
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    God be with you
    Dont let their time table become law to you and your wife, they are only giving you the average and that isnt even that accurate. If you read my bio, you will see that what they say is only words and not fact. I have out lived every Prognosis that I have been given, and I am still going.
    Cherish the day, we cant change the future, we can only live for today. My wife and I have learned that we live in the here and now , we look into things to see if I can try it. But we are realistic, with my multiple health problems I dont qualify for any clinicals out there, but your wife might. Dont give up, Keep your head high and as hard as it is keep a positive attitude and support her in everyway you can.
    Let humor help you though the rough times, we have learned we can laugh btter than we can cry. This disease can only take from you certain things, but you both have love for each other and the day to create memories in. Dont let it take that from you both, everyone sick or not is headed in the same direction. So cherish the day, let tomorrow wait until then. You guys look like my wife and I , we are youngg though we do have 3 children (33,30,29) and 5 grandchildren ( 15,14,8,7,5) as best my memory serves me.
    Enjoy the time together no matter what, my wife and I are in the early 50ish age and still act like youg kids sometimes, we let go of the faults front and just have fun, because we know life is short. We live in Az so we have weather that allows us to be outside doing things together almost all year round, we go hiking and on long walks, tho she will say long runs, since I am in a Power wheelchair and she sometimes jogs to keep up.
    I am still very active even though I am on Hospice, and I still manage to get in trouble doing my usual stunts. but thats what keeps us going, we havent let this disease take our sense of humor or our love for each other and our life together.

    Our Prayers and Best Wishes to Your Wife, You, and Your Family,
    Dan (cobra1122) and Margi Harmon