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Swollen lymph nodes in PET/CT scan 9 months after end of treatment

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I am just wondering if anyone has had a similar finding. I had stage 1B cervical cancer treated with radiation, chemo, and internal radiation. Following treatments that ended last May, I had two clear pap smears and last Friday went in for a PET/CT scan. Unfortunately I wasn't able to talk to my oncologist today, but his staff, for better or for worse, let me know the results had come in, and then said they were unable to interpret them. This made me really nervous and eventually I talked to my family doctor who also got a copy of the results. Apparently there were three findings, two of which were good and the third which said there were some swollen lymph nodes, I believe he said near the tailbone.

I will call the oncologist tomorrow, but I did a little looking around the web (also for better or for worse) and it seems likely either they would have to be taken out, or tested with a biopsy. Anyone have any experience with this?

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Just in case anyone has a similar problem, it turns out the initial place that was cancerous is not clear, but another spot has taken its place, and I'm in line for the radiation/chemo bit all over again. Oh well.

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I am so sorry to hear this. It sounds like you have pelvic lymph nodes lighting up? I've been told that if my ca returns to the original site that more radiation would not be an option, because I've already had the max that's allowed. How did you do through the first round of all that garbage? Are you mentally/physically ready to complete a second round? I wish you buckets of luck through all this. Keep posting to let us know how things are going.

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Lori I went through this with my wife in the summer when her pelvic and back pain showed up the swollen lymph nodes was the only abnormality. It took them a month to determine it was cervical cancer (adenocarcinoma) If it is suspected there is lymph node involvment try to push the doctors to move quickly on it. In my wife's case it took them too long to determine the problem and it was in advanced stages by the time it was diagnosed.

Good Luck

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