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Prayers, Chants, and Incantations!

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Ok, listen up! I need all you guy's help. I need you to go to your Deity and get me some favor. I have never prayed nor asked for healing, and I won't start now. All I've ever asked for is the strength to endure treatment. But now I need you guys to gather your forces and ask for my cancer to have not advanced since November and ask that I be allowed to receive treatment. I spoke with the Novalis guy today. He said that after treatment I need to have at least 700cc's o' liver. As it turns out, that's about all I would have left had I had treatment in November. I've been on chemo and my CEAs have only crept up slightly. So he thinks it's gonna be 50/50 that I can get treatment. If I don't qualify, I might be able to back door this by getting RFA or another embolization, then radiation, but one thing is for sure. They will not do radiation if less than 700 cc's will remain unirradiated.
So there you have it. I don't want to be cured, only to have had my cancer stable since November. Thanks, I hope you guys haven't used up all your prayers!

CT/MRI on Monday. Go adopt a puppy, then pray. Donate to Haiti relief then pray. Release a Condor then pray. Save a baby then pray. Let's all pray it forward.

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I will be happy to say some prayers for you,and send as much good vibes as I can.I will even try a few chants.I hope that helps.

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Headed your way are prayers, and good vibes!


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so you can continue treatment.....Steve

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From my heart and soul I am sending serious prayers, good vibes, and well wishes out for you and to you.

Take care & strength be multiplied.


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I will gladly pray for this specific need, John.


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I will be praying that you are able to get treatment. Stay strong and keep the faith and please keep us updated.

God Bless

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Oh gosh, you certainly have the thoughts, good vibes, prayers and whatever else George and I can muster up for you. I sure hope this works out for you. Now promise to come back and tell us everything, no matter what. I looked up Novalis and there are a couple of hospitals around here that have it so I am particularly interested in your future posts. Take care - Tina

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I will be praying for you.


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You got it, John.

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Remember, theres no such thing as luck.............head up chin up......

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I am with you in thought, + hope you will be eligible for this treatment!

Fight for my love
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You are in my prayers and I hope you will be qualified for the new treatment.Wish you the best.Take care.

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Paula G.
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I will be thinking of you and we just adopted a dog from the shelter so I will pray too. I like the Pray it Forward. Keep us posted. Paula

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John, prayers have just been said for you in Greenville, SC.

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coming your way

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Joined: Jun 2009

I got you covered in California!!


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Hey, John.

I'm praying for you here in NC.


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Hi John,

I pray my Buddha twice a day. I have asked him to protect you and take good care of you.


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I will certainly pray for you from here in NJ.

All the best,

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Prayers coming your way from Utah.

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My prayers are with you also!!

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John, You are in my prayers. I will hold you up and pray that you can go ahead with the treatment.


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John, I am sending positive thoughts your way. I will also be certain to say a prayer for you that the Novalis will be available for you and the results will be superior!

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Joined: Apr 2009

You cup is definately half FULL and overflowing with all these prayers!!! Take care


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You are an amazing person, let me tell you that I will pray each and every day for you,asking Jesus for your healing. God bless you

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Your strength and your perspective have meant a lot to me over the last several months. Your words, and your picture -of a man with strength and determination - help me stay strong when I'm feeling weak. Sending you sparks of strength healing.

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You got prayers coming. I believe in asking for the greatest, I will pray for your treatment, but got to tell you I a will also pray for healing, mentioning that you would like to have treatment work and the healing thing is my suggestion, o.k.
Take care,

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is being processed as I type................. AMEN

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Start believing it will work... I am praying to Almighty God through his son Jesus that you will be strengthened both physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
Take care and keep letting us know how you're doing.
I'm excited for your newfound treatment possibilities.


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coming your way John. I hold you in my thoughts a lot.

Love, Leslie

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Prayers, good thoughts, well wishes, incantations, and love sent your way with this post John.

Serenity, to accept...
Courage, to change...
Wisdom, to know...
...may these be yours as you need them.

Be well... Rob; in Vancouver

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Prayers, good thoughts, and mighty wishes are just some of the things which never run out...and lots of them are coming your way that you will be eligible for the new treatment!


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