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Myometruim Invasion Please do roll up endometrim adenocarcioma type

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Please everyone tell me their pathology report above type of cancer.

My mother report was Endo adenco type with less than 1/5 myometruim invasion.

Please help me.

Thanks KUmar

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Help me

Lisa 00
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Mine was endometrial adenocarcinoma with 75% myometrial invasion. Doc said there was only a 10-15% chance it was in the lymph nodes so he didn't take them.
It's now been a year since the surgery. I completed all chemo and radiation and am cancer free so far.
Hope this helps.

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what stage u r ana grdae

Lisa 00
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I was stage 3, grade 2

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I had full thickness invasion (100%). Extensive myometrial vascular/lymphatic invasion. Abdominal washings were negative. No nodes removed. Diagnosed June 08 - Grade 2/3, Stage 3A.

I completed radiation and chemo and have remained NED!

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Endometroid Adenocarcinoma here, Grade 2 Stage IIIC....90 % Myometrial Invasion, 1 Lymph Node affected/removed during total Hysterectomy...Pelvic washings clean, Pet Scan after surgery clean. 35 External Radiations (Chimney), 4 Brachytherapy Radiations...1 round (so far) Cisplatin Chemo....more to come...

Diagnosed 9/18/09


thank you
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My mom had endometrial carcinoma, grade 1-2, stage IIIC. >50% myometrial invasion and 2 of the 20 lymph nodes had metastasis.
Diagnosed May 2008, Surgery June 6, 2008.
4 rounds of carbo taxol
28 external pelvic radiation, and 3 brachytherapies.
Last follow up on January 29 - NED!!!

Can't wait for the next follow up, on May 2010 - hopefully a negative result will get us to the 2 year survival.

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