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UNofficial results of my CT/PET scan: DRUM ROLL>>>>>>>>>

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My DIL is a CT-scan technician at the same place where I got my PET/CT scan yesterday and was able to get the inside scoop from the radiologist that read my scan, and …DRUM ROLL,,,,,

MY PET/CT from yesterday WAS GOOD!!!! The radiologist told my DIL that NOTHING had uptake on the PET (NOTHING LIT UP!!) The enlarged node under my armpit: GONE! The one in my pelvis: GONE! The one by my stomach is now much smaller and DID NOT LIGHT UP!! I honestly don’t know what this means as far as me staying with my weekly chemo, and probably won’t know until I see my oncologist on the 27th, but the radiologist said “That’s a good PET scan. Congratulations!” My daughter-in-law was crying when she told me; SO happy! She’s on her way over with a bottle of champagne!!

WOO WOO!! I don’t want to celebrate TOO much without the official word, but this all looks sooooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Confusing, unexpected, and doesn't mean the cancer isn't still there in microscopic form waiting to come back,...but SOOOOOO good!!

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So happy to hear that!! It has been one year since I have been on the site(mom had surgery last Feb. and doing good) this site has been so helpful and supportive and this is great news today. Bonnie:)

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Linda....GREAT news, even if it is "preliminary".....sounds wonderful! Enjoy the bubbly stuff while you celebrate the good news!!!


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I am so happy for you. That is such great news. I hope you can be done with treatments at this time. You are so lucky to get the inside scoop especially with such good news. I hope the official report is just as good. Celebrate. Sorry you were so uncomfortable with the PET scan. Seems like should be able to get you comfortable. Maybe if you had a pill like ativan or something to help you relax it would make it more comfortable. In peace and caring.

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So happy to hear the great news :) Thank you for sharing!!!

enjoy the champagne- you deserve it!


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{{{HAPPY DANCE}}}} Great news, Linda!!!

Lisa 00
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I am so happy for you!!

You are such a wonderful person and I'm so excited for you. You were, I'm sure, so scared to have that PET scan and just look, it turned out in your favor. Wishing you many more years of good results!

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It's good to have connections where they count!!

Doing the Happy Dance for you!!!

Keep it going girlfriend :)

Have a glass for all of us...


thank you
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This is what we all wanted to hear!!!
I imagine you laughing, singing and dancing. WITH NED!!!!!!!!
Hopefully tomorrow we will all dance for Ro as well.

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Cecile Louise
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That is the best news I've heard in a long time, Linda!! OH, what a happy post, my friend. Enjoy your champagne, dance, howl at the moon and know we are all so thrilled!! Thank you for making my day!!

Great big hugs of love,

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What fabulous news -- not official but it sure is looking good!

Just starting chemo for first recurrence, you give hope for good outcomes.

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So happy to hear this for you!

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Dearest Linda,

I'm so happy to read of your great news. You seem to have turned a corner!

A big hug to you for continuing to move courageously forward to vanquish "the beast"!


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i haven't checked in for awhile, but thought i'd check specifically to see how you were doing. i'm thrilled to read your latest post re: your good pet scan, official or not--such good news. i'm really happy, happy, happy for you!

i finished chemo last november, went to kauai for a couple of weeks, and elected not to have radiation. my surgeon had recommended brachey therapy, but my oncologist, who originally thought i should have more radiation, changed her mind after hearing my "case" discussed at a tumor board meeting. so, so far, so good; i'm feeling really well and energetic, and am doing my acupuncture, body work, visualizations, taking herbs, back to work full time (for me that's 3 days a week) and just trying to live life as well as i can every day. sometimes that's not easy, as we know.

one thing i try to remind myself is that all of us, not just those of us who have had cancer, or have it now, but all of us manufacture cancer cells all the time. the trick is to make the environment for those microscopic cells as inhospitable as we can, by doing all those things we know are good for us, like exercise, eating healthily, reducing stress (as best we can), etc. for me, thinking in terms of creating an environment bad for cancer cells, rather than getting rid of them per se, somehow gives me more of a sense of control--however illusory that may be. in any case, right now , today, this minute, i'm alive and well, and so very happy for you.


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Maggie, I like your philosophy and your plan. It makes total sense to me and I think it also resonates with so many of the women on this site. This is truly a fight to keep those nasty cancer cells from growing and spreading. However by creating a "hostile environment" for those cells, it definitely gives us something concrete and positive to do.....and even if those steps don't prevent a recurrence, we will be healthier and stronger to stay in the fight.

Although I don't discount the benefits of modern medicine, I think there is so much we can also do ourselves to improve our lives.. AND it doesn't require extensive travel, a physician's prescription, etc. I think about others on this site who been advocates for natural ingredients (tumeric, garlic etc.) imagery, meditation, yoga, exercise, etc. etc....It all makes so much sense!!

The best to you!!


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thanx for your response. have you tried many of the natural methods, like guided imagery, etc.?

i wonder if you or someone out there knows when one begins counting ned from? from the surgery? from the last chemo/radiation? i know linda said she had " 5 blissful months" (so far) of remission, and i'm not sure where she started to count from. i had surgery last june '09, and i've heard to count from there, but others have said after last treatment. my last chemo was november 09. would like to have a sense of what criterion people are using.

my very best to you, too, karen.


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So very happy to hear your wonderful news Linda!!!! Celebrate your victory!!!!
(((HUGS))) Lori

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Great news Linda and I hope the Dr. thought it was great too. I want you to beat this. I am determined that we can beat this devil. I'm doing pretty good, just some issues with my bladder and two bad colds this winter, but then my immune system is not the best I am sure.

Take care


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