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Helpful info for new cancer patient

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Where should I go online for good info,what books should I read,What can I do to improve my chances of beating this demon? I thank you all for being here. I have been reading your posts & have gotten some good info from them. There are many sites online-do you use certain ones for getting the info you need? I am in rural Pa.so I do a lot online since we don't have nearby access to much help. I go to Penn State Hershey for treatments. Thank you for your input.

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You found the right place! This discussion board is full of wonderful people who have the knowledge and experience to answer all of your questions. The best thing to do is ask a question.

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What a pretty picture!!!


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Thanks Jennie. I am feeling much better!

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Now don't read too much online, it can drive you crazy. If you see anything online where people say "they have the cure" remember, anybody can set up a slick website and take your money. A good cookbook is the American Cancer Society's "What To Eat During Cancer Treatment". Any questions you got just open a discussion and someone will come along with some help. Nothing is out of bounds, nothing, from poop to vaginal dialators, they talk about it all here.

Another good site, you can just read or join in, is The Colon Club.

And by the way, Welcome to the Board.

Tina & George

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Love, Medicine and Miracles by Dr. Bernie Siegal

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a positive attitude and fighting spirit-you must never give up!!!!

Some obvious sites:cancer.org
American Institute for cancer Information
major cancer centers and universities have their own web sites such as Mayo clinic;if you search site you'll find info on cancer too

People on this site will relate their experiences which you will find MOST helpful

Hope this helps abit....Steve

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If you care to share more about your diagnosis or ask specific questions you'll find a lot of answers from members here. Like someone else mentioned, be cautious of what you read on sites. Much of the data is old and skewed and can be misleading.

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I liked 20 Things Cancer Survivors Want You to Know by Lori Hope. Short & helpful!

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This website has been the best for me! Welcome to the board. Hope we can help you through your journey.


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I really liked Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips, she also has a documentary you can get from Netflix, not a colon cancer survivor but a survivor non the less. Worth checking out. I read the book while I was going through chemo.

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The web is the best place to gather information, and you can
never have too much of it!

The .com sites are commercial sites, and can be more favorable
to "remedies" similar the product they're trying to sell. Health food
sites are the worst, usually. If an Apricot pit kills a cancer cell in
a test-tube, they'll tell you that eating Apricot pit powder will
cure your cancer, and commence the soft sell of their product
containing A-Pit powder....

The .org (organizational), and .edu (educational), can be quite
reliable for sound, basic information.

The .gov (governmental), and .net (company/network) can be
better than a .com, but are also somewhat biased.

(see here: Dot Whatever)

Always question all information all the time. Use information from
one source to compare against the next. And always trust your own
instincts; your own survival instincts are there to keep you alive.
If something doesn't make sense to you, or "feels wrong", it usually is.

Try to read in the archives of the medical institutions, and at
the "Journal of American Medicine Assc" (JAMA), the Mayo
Clinic, etc. If you take the time to dig deep within their own
archives, you can occasionally dig up information that isn't
included at their main website pages.

And do not leave out the "alternative" methods and practices,
since many (like Traditional Chinese Medicine), are not considered
"alternative medicine" where it is practiced either exclusively, or
alongside "conventional" popular westernized medicine.

The bottom line, is to not allow yourself to fear cancer to the
point your fear controls your path to better health.

Too many allow the opinions of others (like Drs) to direct their lives, rather
than trust the survival instincts that came with the model they have....

Get it?

You'll do fine!


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Welcome to the site,feel free to ask any questions,or just to vent when you feel bad.If you looking for cancer diet information,one of many is 'the cancer project' with lots of dietary information.Colon cancer alliance is another one.I hope this helps.

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Im new at this also, Ive found this site has alot of info from a great bunch of people... always keep a paper and pen handy... it helps to remember all the info. GOOD LUCK!!

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