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Reposting this from yesterday's colonoscopy: I am looking for anyone that might explain why a 3 year wait on a colonoscopy when 2 polyps were removed-

2 small polyps were removed- one in the rectum and one in the cecum- like miles away from the original tumor. He doesn't think they are cancer, but will know after the pathology comes back. My main question is he said 3 years until my next colonoscopy. This is wonderful! Yet my colon was clear and clean a year ago, two polyps after a year- doesn't seem right to wait 3 years for the next check. Any thoughts on this?

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Hi Patteee
That sounds like a long time to me. I had one every year for 5 years after diagnosis, and have just now went to every other year. Especially since polyps developed so quickly, you may have to be more proactive about your follow ups, even if you have to find another doctor.

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Hi Patteee

I agree - 3 years is a long wait in between scopes - especially with what we've all experienced and gone through.

I've been fortunate that my insurance allows me to have a yearly scope due to my history. I did not get a good one last year, so I'm anxious to have one done sometime this year to get a "warm & fuzzy" and some feeling of security, at least in that region of the body.

I just feel better about yearly checks - I've still got to pay my 25% of the bill, but it makes you feel a little bit better.

And as we know, the GI's can always miss "spots" - no guarantees or anything, so even yearly, if they miss a spot for a year or 2, a problem could develop.

Just better safe than sorry, as the old saying goes.

Those are my thoughts - if you can I'd continue to do it annually - that's a bad play on words, isn't it? :)


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well I was also thinking that just do to the long life of a polyp- maybe these 2 were missed by the colorectal people at Mayo. I am sure my surgeon would love to hear that!

Also- from yesterday's colonoscopy- I have internal hemoroids- first I have heard of this. Wondering what I can do to heal them? HA- I just read that more fiber and water will help- geez, I don't think so!

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It's my understanding that the current standard of care is 3 years, even when a colonoscopy turns up pre-cancerous polyps. Unless there is some other special consideration. I had a follow up colonoscopy two years ahead of schedule, because the radiologist found something on a CT scan that he didn't like the look of. Whether the current standard of care is actually appropriate is another matter, of course. I talked to my gastroenterologist about this, and his opinion is that follow up colonoscopies should be yearly.


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yes, I have heard the 3 year a few times. The doc yesterday did say, "3 years depending on how the pathology comes back..."
21 months ago the first dx colonoscopy
21 months ago, second colonoscopy at Mayo
12 months ago, 3rd colonoscopy at Mayo

dx colonoscopy took out 3 med/large polyps and couldn't do anything beyond the obstructing tumor
2 weeks later 2nd one was for "show"- Mayo claiming them needed to try and go through the tumor, blah blah blah blah- I think it was for teaching purposes as there were easily 25 docs in on it.
1 year ago my colorectal surgeon at Mayo did a colonoscopy- this was the first look at the entire colon -- it was totally clear according to the surgeon.
yesterday- the gastro doc here in the cities removed 2 polyps- both small.

My concern? A year ago the colon was clear, and now 2 small polyps. It doesn't make sense to me to wait 3 more years for colonoscopy.

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I can tell you why in 2 words........." National Guidelines".......

Find someone in here that will pm you the reasoning...Its a kinda hush hush piece of crap that the Drs are forced to go by or they tear them a new one....Some go by it some don't. Its not hard figuring out who does and who don't if you know what to look for. I am sad for the Drs that are held down by this that have to see things go awry simply because of John Q Government...
Its how many that they think you need in a certain period of time, vs age, vs sex, vs family history, and if you aren't in that category then they ( if following N G guidelines) are informed to not give another for a certain period of time. They are looking at statistic percentages. Sad situation that is for people, but someone tell me Im wrong on this ? Im just sorry that "We The People" are putting up with it.......sorry for the rant, but I would say if you want another scope before 3 years I would call around and see what they tell you, or you may have to foot the bill yourself.....Love Hope and everything good for you.......Buzz

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