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Just Want to Scream!

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The Monday following Thanksgiving, 2009 my husband was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. The first part of December we entered the hospital for the second time, and he underwent a Whipple Surgery. The good news (if it can be considered good news), is that they were able to remove the tumor. The bad news is that it had reached a lymph node. He started chemo today, and I'm a little worried.
He weighed 170 when all this started and when we left the hospital after surgery he was 143. Today he weighs 147. He's having a tremendous problem maintaining his blood sugar - it swings from high to low - with little time in between. I'm afraid that the chemo will affect his appetite, which will cause more problems with the sugar as well as cause weight loss. I'm not even sure if the problems that hes having with the sugar are normal or not - come to think of it - i'm not sure I know what normal means anymore!
I'm so frustrated! Its on;y been one year and 3 months since we had surgery for prostate cancer, this seems so unfair!

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I used to tell my boys when they were kids that life wasn't fair. As we get older we really understand that better. Sometimes, life just hits us in the face. If you want to scream, throw pillows, or just freak out in general once in awhile, that's ok. Most of us here have done that a time or two. Dealing with cancer is one of life's really, really tough challenges. We do what we have to do, but most of us feel much like you. Take care of yourself. Fay

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you seem like a strong person. and i get you probably dont want to seem depressed or weak for your husband because he is going through so much more because its his life. but you are human! and life is far from fair. it gives us amazing love and wonderful gifts but also gives us heartache and pain. im sorry you and your husband are having to go through this but you guys seem like you have strong love for one another..and you guys shouldnt take the time you have together to think of the what ifs..like what if this doesnt work what if you keep getting sicker and skinnier but instead should think of i cant wait until you beat this! or once you beat this...but if your about to scream you should! it will help you emotionaly just let it all out.
hope this helps

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