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My dad is 75 years old and was dx with lung cancer over 5 years ago. Long story short...he was doing good after he had part of his lung removed. A few years later the lung cancer returned, but treatable, and it has not grown much since his dx.

A few months ago he was dx with a brain tumor, and had the surgery to remove it. He came thru the surgery really well, and the surgeon said it was the size of a it out and we are "lucky". Dad is gong for the gamma knife just as a precaution if anything was left in his brain.

So..all sounds good...except my dad is so depressed. He is either crying or sleeping. I would like to have someone visit him (he can't go out due to the weather, nor would he) to try and work thru his depression. Does anyone know of a group that will do this? For my dad to sit and do nothing is totally different from what I am used to seeing. I am afraid that he is shutting down and will die from depression. He does not eat...does not shower..just cries and sleeps. My mom is a mess from all of this and I am not sure which way to go. Please, does anyone have any advice for me?


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    Need some direction
    Dear robynelise, I'm an employee of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York. You may be interested to know that CancerCare offers free, professionally run counseling sessions, both online and over the telephone. CancerCare social workers can also guide patients and family members to counseling and support groups in their own communities.

    In addition, CancerCare hosts online support groups where the social worker facilitating the group maintains regular contact with each of its participants. This facilitator will reply to unanswered questions and concerns as needed and offer guidance and resources to the group. Support group participants can also contact this social worker at CancerCare if they need additional or individual support. You can reach them through this link:

    You might also check with your Dad’s oncologist; maybe they can suggest some counseling resources. Some therapists conduct sessions via phone or Skype. I hope this information is useful to you and your dad. Best wishes in caring for him. --Esther