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colonoscopy this afternoon-*update and now DONE

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one would think after so many of these I would be used to the prep now. Ya know, I have found that I can whine about most anything! I am hopeful this is my last one for awhile and hope to continue the NED dance.


I still have over an hour before I have this dumb thing done. And I feel so weak, so thirsty, dizzy- thinking about licking the crumbs off of the kitchen counter

I am so totally a wuzz

2 small polyps were removed- one in the rectum and one in the cecum- like miles away from the original tumor. He doesn't think they are cancer, but will know after the pathology comes back. My main question is he said 3 years until my next colonoscopy. This is wonderful! Yet my colon was clear and clean a year ago, two polyps after a year- doesn't seem right to wait 3 years for the next check. Any thoughts on this?

In the meantime, time to EAT

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I hope it is your last one too. Hang in there today!

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Best of luck on colonoscopy.....Steve

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that all goes well, and continues to go well. Mine's on Wednesday and prep starts tomorrow. yuck!


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man my butt is sore

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Last week they filled me up with ink... from the "Tail End" OMG that was BAD!!! Get a good soft pellow.


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oh I have had one of those and yes it is bad. Poor, poor us.

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with an ostomy there is no more sore butt.....can you say "powder puff"...sorry, if I didn't know you were going to do fine I wouldn't kid ya like this, and I would expect nothing less from you...You know I love ya....:)...I hope its smoothhhh sailing...Love Hope and Aquaphor to you....Buzzi

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well glad they took out the 2 polyps, hopefully they are not cancerous.
i went 2 years between scopes and dr found a cancerous polyp and took what he could but wasn't 100% sure, so i had a colon resection just to make sure and he did get it all.
after seeing the cancerous polyp the dr said every year from now on. he was amazed how the polyp grew in 2 years.
just a thought.
be well
never,ever give up!!

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I'm glad you got through it! Always such an ordeal...

As for waiting, I do believe I would question that. I would personally be nervous about waiting 3 years.


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