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been diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer

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My breast cancer mastetized to my brain, I have three tumors and one is in the Pons section and I would like to know what to expect from here on out. I had a mini stroke so my balance is off but i've noticed more unbalance, once in awhile double vision but that can be cleared with Visine Tears. Anyone going through this please answer this for me?

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I am so sorry to hear of your breast and brain cancer. I can only tell you what my husband's situation is and how he's doing. He has three tumors as well. One is on the pons, one right off the pons and the largest in the right cerebellum. These are anaplastic astrocytomas, and it is primary brain cancer.

Before treatment, he had dizziness, imbalance and double vision. He went through 33 radiation treatments late last year, combined with 44 days of oral chemo, Temodar. He has completed two five-day cycles of Temodar at higher doses. We return to Duke this Thursday for his next MRI. The first MRI post his radiation/chemo treatments showed a more than 50% reduction in the tumors.

Are they able to treat you for your brain tumors while you are being treated for breast cancer? Do you know your tumor types? My husband has been on Decadron, which has been very effective at keeping his symptoms at bay. Do you have a medical team for which you feel is well qualified to deal with your dual cancer issues?

I realize that everyone has different symptoms and different responses to treatment. I wish you the very best.

God bless you.

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thank you for writing me it was very interesting finding the same symptoms as me. I don't know what my surgeon will say other than i've had enuff radiation and my MRI is March 15th that will say whether the tumor is growing or not but I will bring up what you said to them. Thank you again and God Bless you both. Lorraine

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I'm so sorry for your problems but encourgaged by your asking for information. When my Mama went through this Hospice gave me every answer to every question. Keep asking, keep seeking at some point you WILL find the answer you are looking for.

My thoughts are with you.


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