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Alternative Treatments

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I am going to the Burzynski Clinic in Houston next week for a consultation on melanoma treatment. I am also considering these 2 alternative clinics 1) James Forsythe, MD called Century Wellness Clinic in Nevada and 2) the clinic of Mark Rosenberg, MD in Delray Beach, FL.Does anyone have experience with these clinics that they can share? Thank you so much.

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I'm wondering why you are only looking at "alternative" treatment and fraudulent medics like Burzynski and Forsythe and not exploring real treatments? Look them up on Google before you get set on a course of action! See a real Oncologist!

PBJ Austin
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Many years ago my aunt was diagnosed with uterine cancer. She had a full hysterectomy but declined any conventional treatment, despite a good prognosis with such treatment. She went with alternative treatment instead and eventually convinced herself she was cancer free. About 2 years later she became critically ill. She was rushed to the ER and was told the cancer had invaded her liver and she had only a few weeks to live. We lost her 6 weeks later.

If she had gone with conventional treatment in the beginning she probably would have beat it, as per the oncologist who diagnosed it. But by using alternative treatment she died.

If you still insist on alternative treatment then PLEASE run it past an oncologist first. I do not deny that good nutrition can help in your fight against cancer, but please do not rely on such treatment as your primary means.

The above is spoken with deep concern, not criticism. Good luck to you.

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I have to apologize for seeming so abrasive in my previous post. I just can not tolerate hearing about people getting sucked into "treatments" from people who may well be taking money in exchange for nothing. As PBJ Austin says, please see an oncologist first, and I further suggest you have some tests, get scans, then at least you have something real to check your progress against if you go the alternative route.

Whichever way you go, I hope it goes well.


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I'm wondering if you ended up going to see Dr. Rosenberg in Florida.  I've heard his lectures and his research is very

interesting. I'm planning on setting up a phone consultation with him regarding my mother's treatment and am

hoping that he might have some ideas that could up the success rate for her.   By the way, we have been to the

Burzynski Clinic and found them to be very helpful.   I'd love to hear your feedback.



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And there are many drs named Rosenberg there.  Please be more specific.  Also the Burzinski Clinic is well known for their cordial treatment to people who can afford to pay for their treatment up front.  

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duplicate post, sorry

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