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Scan Anxiety so soon?

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Yikes! I have blood work on March 16th and then will be scheduled for a CT scan. My follow up with the onc for results is April 6th. I'm a month late getting a yearly colonoscopy because I have to schedule that around a day hubby can have off to take me.

I'm scared, Freaking out! I cannot imagine being like this for 7 weeks, plus we have our oldest son and his 7 year old coming to spend spring break, the week of my CT scan, with us.

The recent bad reports on this board have really bothered me. Maybe I'm projecting that onto myself. :-( I have my first head cold in 8 years and don't feel 100% either.


For those who don't know: Stage IIIb. Liver biopsy along with surgery (surgeon does that as a norm) I had scans pre surgery Jan 09 and a CT in late Feb 09 (requested for a drug trial which I did not qualify for) plus ultra sounds in March and April pre gall bladder surgery. Hands on check of liver plus 4X6" glossies of liver (Just while we were there for removal of gall bladder in mid April 09 anyhow). Completed all 12 FOLFOX in mid Aug. 09. CEA in December was good.

I don't ask specific numbers so I won't spend my life second guessing and searching the internet ....

Julie 44
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Hey you need to clam down and breath a bit.....Go out for a long walk and talk yourself silly about it then when you walk in your house leave it out there!!Otherwise you are going to give yourself a wicked headache,stomach and whatever else...You know (just like we all do) that there is nothing you can do until the time comes..So please do yourself a favor and put it out of your head..Enjoy your family visit laugh and do things that bring you joy.....Have a good time and relax and enjoy life NOW...Good luck Julie

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I felt better just writing it down and admitting it. Once I read back over it, I realized we're talking almost 2 months and it's pretty danged stupid to be worrying about this anyhow.

Had a great service at church (late due to the snow) and feel 99% better about all this. Thanks gal. I think of you often and wish your news had been all good.


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Sometimes things just grab us, it is hard to let go, but I am finding that is time to go to divergence mode. Go for a walk, find a funny movie to rent, get the trash can out that Buzzard recommends, anything to move me mentally away from what ever has grabbed me. I have even found a free online source of jigsaw puzzles at http://www.jigzone.com/

Glad to hear you are better, it does help to write things down.


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I am glad you are feeling better. From all of your posts, it sounds like you are doing really well + have a busy, fufilling life; try to focus on all that for the next months. I believe you are going to have good results, but I know waiting is brutal. I hope you can do some fun things; you have a while to go until the scan.

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Diane, you do a whole lot of praying and being positive for everyone else. Now, you of all people should know that God has not brought you this far to leave you now! He is the same God that healed before and can and will do it for you. Be blessed!


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Take a deep breath and dont' drive yourself crazy. I was driving myself crazy questioning why has George done so well and yet poor Phoebe's Michael, Melissa's Michael, and all the others, nothing helped. It is what it is and driving yourself crazy can't change things. The worry never goes away but don't let it stop you from laughing. Worry when there is something to worry about, right now you are NED and that is truly wonderful. Take care - Tina

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deep breath
you are acting normal, hell we all are nervous and have anxiety when facing upcoming scans etc.
all will be well!!!
we are here for you just like you are here for all of us.
be well
never,ever give up!!

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Kerry S
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Hang in there. I get a scope job first of March. I know how you feel.

Stay positive at all times. Worry just makes us sicker.


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I DO tend to be Pollyanna and always an optimist. I have faith that God has healed me 100% and it bothers me so much when I let doubt slip in. Increase my faith Lord! Forgive my doubt! Satan, get lost.

I'm saddened by the 6 or more deaths we had on the forum in less than 5 weeks and also from all the bad news our dear friends have received in the last few weeks. I cannot begin to imagine what they feel or what these families have gone through.

I'm not worried at all tonight. Good day at church with friends.

Whisper a prayer for me over the next 2 months when I come to mind.


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Hey, Diane.

I'm glad to read that you're already feeling calmer about all this. I understand, though. It just gets you when you have tests coming up. I'll be praying for great results!


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You've been SUCH a warrior in praying and encouraging me and others, so you bet I want to return the favor! I can definitely relate to the anxiety that comes with upcoming tests, as most of us on this board can identify with. I believe you will be just fine!!

Hugs to you,

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I'm trying to schedule my colonoscopy which was due a few weeks ago and it's all 'leave a message' and then missed calls.... gives me a tummy ache!

I believe I am healed but I have never been one who could tolerate going to the doctor. This last year....... well...... I need these prayers and appreciate them so much.

Thank you all for your prayers, love and friendship.

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Nana b
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Just help CEA along....and hope for the best! Positive energy!

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I will be praying for you. I really admire how you support everyone on the boards. You always go the extra step to respond to every one, and take the time to send them any information that you have found that may be helpful to them.


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