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Aneurism after Surgery

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Eight (8) months ago I had surgery to remove the upper lobe of my right lung.
All the scans made after the surgery up to January 18, 2010 shows that I am free of all cancer in my system, The one in August 2009 OCTREOSCAN, read: IMPRESSION: UNREMARKABLE WHOLE BODY OCTREOTIDE STUDY SPECT. However, my last scan of January 18, 2010, shows an ASCENDING AORTA ANEURISM OF 4.8cm. and Hemphysema. My Onc. did not see any prpoblem with it. He felt that the aneurism was too small for surgery. My thoracic Dr. and my personal Dr. said the same. as for the Hemphysema they feel that it was normal after surgery. I AM VERY CONCERNED WITH THE ANEURISM, because it could rupture and its all over, however, the Drs. feel that at my age and the size of the aneurism it does not warrant Surgery but must keep screening to watch its growth.


Don Carlos

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Is that what the Dr is talking about? Air that gets trapped under the skin during surgery, and when you touch your skin it feels like you are popping bubblewrap? Scared the heck out of me but apparently it's fairly common with chest tube insertion & removal or other thoracic surgery and it just fades away after a bit. So that part is ok.

As far as the aneurysm, I have no direct experience, but as long as your doctors are not especially concerned and are keeping an eye on it, well, take your cue from them and try not to worry. If it's going to make you nuts worrying about it maybe you should get another opinion?

Thinking of you, Don Carlos,


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Thanks. Very supporting. I am counting on the Doctors little concern about the aneurysm four Drs. told me the same, and to be realistic, Open Heart surgery at my age is a little risky. My other consolation is that all other Scans including the pet and the Ostreoscan did not show it and it was no there back in August until the January 18 scan. It is also marked as STABLE.

The fact is that Aneurysm is a very scaring issue, but I just have to watch my BP and my nerves.

Thanks And do staycalm! :-)


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