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chemo port discomfort?

kelli1843's picture
Posts: 72
Joined: Jan 2010

Hate to sound like a baby, but I am so uncomfortable with this thing. Granted, it was just installed yesterday, but Kevin & I were up all night as I couldn't get comfortable--went from bed to couch all night.

The actual port thing incision is okay, it's the slit incision in the neck above it. I started coughing and hurts so bad. Even chewing makes it hurt.

I'm allergic to many painkillers so all I can take is Tylenol. Dr's office told me to stop in later today when I have radiation and they will look at it and change dressing.

I'm just hoping it's not all in my head since I was so set against it.

PBJ Austin
Posts: 347
Joined: Mar 2009

Kelli, I've never had a port so I can't directly address that issue. But when you are in so much pain please do not believe for a minute that you are being a baby and it's all in your head. I'm glad you are seeing the doctor today and surely there is something s/he can do to make it better. Stand your ground with the doc and make it clear you need some relief.

Good luck with your appointment and I send gentle cyber hugs to you.

joyzee's picture
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Joined: Oct 2009

Kelly, This was my post today 12/15, I also had trouble after port was inserted

I received my port about 10 days ago. I was so proud of myself, I didn't need anything more then a local. I was in and out within 2 hours. Then next day, both incisions (the one where the port was inserted and the one connecting to my vein) started running, itching, and painful. Forutantly, I had an appt with onc dr. the next day, when he saw the incision, he said it was starting to keloid. He gave me an antibotic. Well it got worse instead of better. On Friday, I went to see surgeon who performed surgery and he immediately asked, are you allergic to glue. I replied yes, he then informed me that he closed the incisions with stitches as well as glue. They then started to clean the incisons with ascetone to get rid of glue. After about 10 minutes, they felt they had gotten rid of it all. It has now been 4 days since they tried to clean out incisions, and the incisions are still running, itching, and painful. This note is to let others know about this procedure in case you have an allergy to glue/adhesives. They asked if I had any allergies in pre paper work, but I didn't mention being allergic to glue/adhesives, I had no idea they used glue to close up incision. Please be aware of this.

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