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Asked if I wanted a support Group!

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Hi Everyone,

I was recently asked by the very nice social worker at Hillman Cancer Center if I felt that I need to go to a support group. I look at her and said that I have had a very large support group since I found this site. She looked at me kind of weird and I explained to her that I found all of you while I was looking for some information on the American Cancer Society web site.

I told her about the many people that I have met and how we support each other,pray,laugh, and
yes even cry with each other.

I told her that our group is cancer specific and we are a pretty tight knit little family and
that I wouldn't trade my CSN family for anyone else. I don't have to leave my house, I can post in my p.js any time of the day or night. I also told her about the close relationships that I have with some of you.

I just want thank all of my old CSN friends and to let all of the newbee's as we sometimes call the new people who have recently joined our family that this is a wonderful place to come to for support,to vent,cry, and for advice from some of us oldies.

May God Bless each and every one of you.
Kath aka Mumphy

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I am so glad you didn't go anywhere, we are the support group you better not leave us, and you are so right we don't have to go nowhere.

Remember, Kitten always said its just a BUMP in the road, and one more thing to learn how to do. Oh she would be so proud of you for all you have done.

You take care of AL, and especially yourself and come here when you need some answers.

I love you and hug you and know we are family


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Betty in Vegas
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You are such a sweetheart. I love how the internet has brought us more info and more friends in times like these. It is true though, this is a true support group. Truly wonderful people and I have been honored to know each and every one. I love when I get to run into a few in person due to them coming to Vegas or being in TX, or whatever. And what is weird, is you just start chatting like you have been chatting in person FOREVER because...well you have had a relationship for much longer than your eyes have been seeing one another!

What an amazing post. You are awesome.


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I was recently in the hospital and I knew the lady in admissions. She came in the room and said...Chris, I need a new primary contact. I started crying like a baby. It's that little stuff that you don't think about that gets you. Anyway, with that there were social workers, counselors, etc., right there telling me I needed a support group. Well I gave her the same answer that you did! I am so glag I found this site and al of you!


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This is the only support group I need. I wouldn't leave this for anyting!!

Chris - I'm sorry you had answer had to deal with that question so soon!!! Hope you are feeling better since your hospital stay!! Take care, I think of you often and wonder how you are doing. I was glad to see you posting again!!!


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Thanks Erika! I am feeling much better. I am doing good. I explained this to someone last night...I have grieved for my husband for months now. Since at least August when I saw he was not getting better, then really grieveing in November when the mets started. I am on my way to living again. Living without Steve. Something I never wanted to do, but I have my big girl panties on and am going on! I noticed I was not in typing mode this morning when I posted, so sorry about the spelling!


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