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Bone Biopsy

Olivia Alexandria
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My mom has been diagnosed with bone cancer but they have not yet done a bone biopsy. They are basing this on the "characteristics" of the spots that showed up on her bone scan. In 1980 she had breast cancer, had a masectomy and it didn't come back, so we thought. In 2000 she had a bone scan and they saw two spots on her spine that looked suspicious. Then they later dismissed it as degenerative disks. In 2005 she had her appendix out. They did a biopsy on the appendix and found breast cancer in that. Then in 2008 more spots on her spine and base of her neck appeared that the doctors are calling bone cancer. She has been on the tablet form of chemo therapy for the past couple years, and now we just found out the spots have multiplied to her arms, legs, pelvic area, and top of skull. Do you think we should ask the doctor for a bone biopsy? She is scheduled to have a port installed in the next week so she can begin the drip chemo. She has not pain at all.

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