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hey lisa

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Hi Lisa,
Please let us know about your ct results whne you get them today!!!!
Tinking of you and praying for great results.

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Hi Amy,

"GOOFIE lady" posted a thread for me also- you guys are great- thanks!
I still have to go pick up my scan report from the hospital records room later today, but I have already seen the scan images CD, which they handed me yesterday after my scan.
Not looking good- several yellow/red spots lit up all over- I know it's normal for some areas- the brain, heart, kidneys, and bladder are supposed to light up on a PET- but I saw several lit spots in my lungs, liver, and possibly even a couple of other spots.
So, when I get the written report, I'll know the specific damages.
My appt w/ my oncologist is Monday morning- I called yesterday afternoon hoping to get in today or tomorrow but he's out of the office today and is all booked up Friday. So, Monday morning it will be to discuss the what next. I have also sent an email to Dr. Lenz at USC. Amazingly, he answered my email within an hour- I was impressed, since he's so reknowned and busy.
Well, I'll write again later when I have the actual written report in my hands.


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