Stomach problems after chemo - pressure, bloating, nause, etc.

After chemo problems - anyone else? Stomach pressure, bloating, overly full feeling, cramping, and the ever present nausea.


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    SR, It's nice to know I am
    SR, It's nice to know I am not alone; although I am sorry to hear your going through this. I'm not so sure my difficulties are r/t the chemo. I believe it's a combination of the radiation and adhesions/scar tissue built up from surgery. I've experienced more vomiting since treatments have stopped than when I was going through them. Seen numerous docs and each one comes up with a different theory. Recently I've been plagued with severe headaches followed instantaneously by nausea and severe epigastric pain. Doc is upset that another doc had given me pain pills, which I rarely use, and she prescribed antidepressants and Prilosec. Thanks...I'm not depressed and don't have heartburn. One day at a time! Hope your distress remedies itself soon.