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Awaiting pet scan results thursday

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Ed just had his second pet scan (first one done in November when he was first diagnosed), we see the doctor this Thursday to consult with him. Originally he was diagnosed at stage four with mets to liver, stomach, pelvis, etc. He has done three rounds of cisplatin and campostar, still three more sessions to go. I am wondering what are the changes of all this cancer going into remission? I know there is probably no cure, the three original doctors said no surgery, just chemo and possible radiation. He has lost 75 pounds since Septmeber, basically only drinks a few shakes a day, maybe a scramble egg in the morning. I am so nervous about this pet scan, is it possible that three rounds of chemo could do something good? Linda

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Betty in Vegas
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Layne had a good response to his first three sessions...so chemo can do some good. Keep it up with the shakes and the scrambled egg...throw some protein powder in those shakes for good measure :)

AND ...make yourself a shake--a yummy one with some malt in it. You have been working hard at caregiving and chocolate is very important to caregivers.

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Linda, Charlie was in remission after his first 2 rounds of chemo.....so there is hope for Ed. Good thoughts and prayers coming your way. Keep us posted. Stay strong,

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