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cancerous ovary sliced open 2" during hysterectomy surgery

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I just got a copy of my lab report, a couple of months after my surgery, and it says that the surgeon accidentally cut my cancerous right ovary open for 2 inches.

Will that lower the odds of my survival? It seems like that would not only release cells metastatically, but regionally too, spreading cancer to any internal organs touched as the ovary was pulled down and out my vagina.

Would that mean that I'd need whole-abdomnial irradiation rather than external pelvic irradiation (I'm still in chemo now, but saw that stage 3A normally gets external pelvic, but I wonder if the staging is really 3B/C or 4 with the cancer cells released into my body)

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First, I am sorry to hear what you have learned.
Have you discussed your questions with your surgeon? Also talk to the radiation oncologist.
I would think that anytime a tumor was cut that there would be a chance of cancer cell floating somewhere. Is the surgeon the one who is precribing your treatment plan? I am not sure that the surgical error changes your staging.
If I find something on the net about this I will post it.
My prayers are with you!

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That's pretty crazy news to read!!!! I would think that the chemo would kill any cells floating around. I don't think any of us can be too confident that we don't have cancer cells roaming around. Like already stated, I would consult your docs and hopefully get some consolation that your treatment will take care of this accident.

I highly recommend doing some guided imagery work to boast your chemo. This is discussed in many other threads and you can probably get info by googling.

My prayers and best wishes are with you. Mary Ann

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