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New... Please help

chish0001 Member Posts: 5
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I posted on here and on rare and unusual cancers board but I still havent had any replys, can someone PLEASE help me! I understand I may be the only one on here with vulvar cancer/melanoma but if you could help with the vulvar cancer part or the melanoma I sure would appreciate it. I went through this once 4 years ago and now its back, I realy need some support, sometimes I feel like giving up and SOOO alone. I'm sorry but PLEASE HELP!!!


  • patobs01
    patobs01 Member Posts: 1
    I cannot answer pertaining to melanoma on the vulva, as mine was on my back shoulder (IIIA dx 10/09) but I can refer you to a site where you may find people with more information. Go to mpip.org, and select the link for Forums & Chats, then select Bulliten Board. You can pose your question, and will probably find people who have had similar diagnoses and experience, plus it is very active and you'll get fast responses. Take care,

  • JR1949
    JR1949 Member Posts: 230
    Vulvar cancer
    I remember a website I have researched. It is Cancer Care, website is www.cancercare.org,
    email is [email protected], there is a phone number for info by type of cancer it is
    1-800-813-4673 (HOPE). From the home page click on Find Services by Cancer Type.
    They offer counseling, support groups, financial help, information.

    Please do not give up. There is hope, keep a positive attitude (it's been proven that people have a better chance of healing and surviving serious illness like cancer if they keep a positive attitude). This network is good and there a lot of good people who will listen, offer help and information. My wife was diagnosed with stage melanoma in July 2009 after being cancer free since 1991 from melanoma and is responding very favorably to the IL2 chemotherapy. We have prayed and have friends and family praying for us and I firmly believe that the prayers and our positive attitude is what has helped my wife. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
  • Protectionist
    Protectionist Member Posts: 13
    I don't know what you have , but it must be melonoma some where on your body, I am a melonoma survivor. I advise that you get the book The One Minute Cure, you can download it for about 25.00. It is about h202 or 35% food grade HP. I do the drops for prevention, you can get it intravaniously, h202, or ozone. This has been around for ever. Their are unorthadox cures for ccancer out their. I suggest also that you google Johanna Budwig , a Nobil Peace prize winner seven times for her research about the healing power of Flax seed oil and low fat cottage cheese, or yogurt, my wife and I eat every morning, yogurt, flax oil, ground flax seed, walnuts. Forty years ago I knew this guy that had a melonoma on his back, he cured it by drinking hydrogen peroxide, it disappeared he said, I thought he was a nut, guess he wasn't. James
  • Lenabl
    Lenabl Member Posts: 2
    Hi, Just read your comment..and I pray all is well. And I pray for your healing.