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Worried about lump in my knee

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I'm a 28 year old male who had became worried about a bony lump behind my knee, just above my calf muscle on my left leg. The lump seems solid and attached to a leg bone. It isn't painful to touch nor does it cause any discomfort really, but is quite deep in the muscle/fat around my calf.

I had noticed this lump a while ago, but thought nothing of it until the weekend. I had been suffering from stiffness of my left knee when I woke up in the mornings for a couple of weeks, but that loosened off once I wa up and moving around. I then played a game of ice hockey on Friday evening where my hamstring became quite tight also.

On Friday night/early Saturday morning I began googling my symptoms and began to worry myself so much that I ended up at hospital. There I was told by the doctor that he suspected a Baker's cyst. I felt like he wasn't in the right part of my leg so yesterday morning I had an appointment with my own GP where she fel the bony lump and referred me for an x-ray. She told me that she has no reason the believe there was something serious wrong but wanted to get it checked. She also said if the radiologist suspected anything serious I would have been sent direct to an orthapedic. When I asked the radiologist about this she told me that regardless of what they found they would just refer back to my GP. This has just made me worse as I have no answer to put my mind at rest and fully expect the next 48 hours (at least) to be sleepless with worry.

(Edit: I have just noticed some bruising back there, but this may have been self inflicted when digging around constantly prodding the lump)

Going from my symptoms, does anyone have anything they can add/suggest?


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