treatment options and survival rates for metastatic prostate cancer of my dad(59).,from india

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what may be minimum survival rate of my (59year)old father.,and emerging treatments of my dad(59),who is with metastatic advanced -prostate cancer,spread to pelvic lymph nodes and left acetablem,femer,---with psa 8,and gleasons score3+3=6.,undergone orchyotectomy 10days back in hyderabad.,no other health problems till now.
.-under gone turp,for bph.,a year back in oct2008.,sadly biopsy sample was missed by hospital,and urologist failed to estimate the desease in very frequent visits in dre.,no new biopsy and psa were recommended as dr ruled out cancer.,suspected bph.
-but,now the desesae was confirmed as metastatic advanced prostate cancer,spread to bone.
->psa level is 8.1/
>prostate size is ---53*50*42mm(60cc)heterogenous echotexture,median lobe extending into bladder.
.>trus guided prostate biopsy ,positive for malignancy-gleason's score6(3+3)-6/6linear cores are infiltrated tumour--focal perineural spread seen in 1/6cores from the right side.
>mri scan-enlarged prostate with heterogenous signal intensity,focal breach of prostate capsule,involvement of urinary bladder trogone,left obturator lymphadenopathy,left hip joint(actabulum,proximal femur)lesions---rule out prostatic malignancy with secondaries.
>bone scan-left acetabulum finding suspicious for metastasis
----rest no other health problems noted.,and no body and bone pains---
indo american cancer institute-hyderabad
>subcapsular orchitectomy done.,on 8 january2010.
_medication-idrophos50mg,biprosta50mg,b complex and vit-d pills-follow up after 2 months.