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2nd Abnormal Pap and my husband and I are freaked!

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This is my first time here and I pray that someone here can help comfort me and my family! I spoke to my GYN today to discuss my results on my pap smear. She stated that I have a lot of dysplasia, and I had an abnormal pap for the 2nd time, a fibroid (5cm), and fluid on my cervix, and low cells. I am scheduled for a pulposcopy(I am almost sure I spelled this procedure wrong). This is my second one as well. The first was negative but the pap show cancer cells, HPV. Now I am really trying not to freak out because I hear stress can cause alot of things. I lost my dad 7months ago to multiple myleoma in less than 30 days. He was diagnosed on June 2nd and passed on June 30. He never showed a sign of illness. Never even knew he was sick. This alone has made me a hazord to my own health. Sex is very uncomfortable with my husband, but now he does not want to be intimate with me until we know what we have. Am I going overboard with this. Do I even need to be here or just go ahead and check into a mental ward. I need to know I am ok. I want to bring understanding to me and my husband. Is this even a cancer related issue? STD? Menopause, which, by the way, my GYN told me I was knocking at the door of that because everything is moving south? My faith is strong, but I am still scared of my outcome.

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I hesitated to even reply, because my cancer journey began with an abnormal PAP test and I don't want to alarm you. You may very well NOT have cancer, PROBABLY don't have cancer!! But do not allow them to simply take a 'wait-and-see' attitude. After my suspicious PAP test, I had a series of 'non-diagnostic' test results from 2 endometrial biopsies (too small sample) at my gynecologists, and it wasn't until I had a D&C that they really felt I'd better see a gynecologic oncologist. They never were able to diagnose the cancer at my gynecologist's. In retrospect I wish I would have had a D&C sooner and skipped all the interim tests. And if they keep bantering around the word 'cancer' and scaring you, please ask for a referral to a Gynecologic Oncologist, even if you have to drive a couple of hours to see one. This specialist will get you a firm 'yes' or 'no'. (((Big hugs))). You are probably fine, so please don't borrow trouble by worrying ahead of time. But don't rest until you get a firm answer.

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I agree with everything Linda says because she has been in your shoes. Cancer is a scary word, but not as scary as it used to me. Many are surviving and new treatment are being found. Of course, you are stressed and freaked out. Just try to stay as calm as possible. Insist on a definitive diagnosis and get a second opinion. I would also suggest that you take someone with you for every appointment. It's amazing what we don't hear when we are stressed. Four ears are better than two. Waiting for test results is really hard, too. Just take care and hang in there. Fay

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