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Update on recovery

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I do not know how to update a post other than to post a new one.

I just returned from being with my sister in the hospital as she recovers from her what was supposed to be liver surgery. They found too much peritoneal disease and liver disease to resect but they did find blockage in her colon (again) and were able to resect with much success. I am amazed at her strength and positive outlook and her determination to fight on. Funny, signs all over the hospital said "Fight On", the USC motto. I think that is a great one for cancer patients and their family/support group.

She is experiencing much pain when she moves, but has managed quite well. She is in and out of sleep due to the pain meds. but they hope she can go home in the next day or two. I was disappointed the colorectal doctor is not available to visit her while she is in the hospital. That would have been a great boost to her spirits. She is determined to get this fight going and talks about consulting with him and wanting to know what the next course might be.

When I see her sleeping, she is just so fragile and young! I cannot believe this is happening and am hoping someone posts with a similar experience with a good outcome. So, all you stage IV survivors out there with a similar experience, can you share your story?

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Hi there,
It is so nice to hear from family members because you are in this just as much as we the patients are..
I was diagnosed stage 3 colon cancer in Sept.2008..Had a mass removed from my colon and positive lymph nodes..Did 12 rounds of chemo and was NED for 7 months..Now it has mettastasized to my liver..I have 5 tumors on my liver..They are trying to reduce the tumors with Ativan and they also give me Comptosar to help kill the lymph nodes that lit up on my PET scan....So I know how your sister is feeling...Its very rough time and very emotional but having you there for love and support does help alot..I know it doesn't feel that way to you but it does feel that way to us...All you can do is be there and listen to her and give her strengh...Things will improve over time and she will return to what we call a "new" normal life....
Thanks for being there...You are a special sister.....JULIE

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I'm not a Stage 4, but I just wanted to send along love to you and your sister.


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We have communicated before so you know my personal story. My only comment here is that my thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and your whole family.

I love the whole "Fight On" around the hospital. When I was diagnosed my husband would always tell me "Just keep swimming" as Finding Nemo is one of my favorite movies. On the morning after my liver resection my husband presented me with a beautiful bracelet. He commissioned the jeweler to make a custom Dory (the fish) charm. My husband and the jeweler spent lots of time getting the charm just right. On the back he had engraved the words "Just keep swimming." I have never taken that bracelet off since surgery. When it accidentally bumps into the desk or jingles against my watch I am reminded that I must always keep "swimming" and never give up. Perhaps you could have something similar made for your sister with the "Fight On" engraved on it...


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Amy,I love the "just keep swimming" mantra. This is a great idea that your husband had; it is something tangible to keep reminding you to "just keep swimming" + "fight on" is another great mantra.

Marie, I continue to keep you + your sister in my thoughts. You are a wonderful sister!

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