Ladies out there dealing with hair loss

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Okay, I realize that in the grand scheme of things, hair loss from radiation is not really that big of a deal - but now that radiation is over (ended mid-September 09) and I'm on the Temodar cycles, I am seeing NO real re-growth! It's frustrating.

With a limited life expectancy at this point, I really am trying to enjoy my remaining time and trying to work on my "bucket list", including some traveling. But I'm really struggling with the giant bald spot on the crown and back of my head! I've got wigs (they don't seem to stay in place well) and lots of hats, etc. But I hope I get some hair growth soon! Wigs and hats, scarves, etc. will be so hot this summer.

I know this sounds weird, but once I do have some re-growth, has anybody ever heard whether hair extensions can be applied? Can I expect that any new hair growth will stay?

Any ideas out there to help stimulate the re-growth?

Sorry I know this seems minor, but it's bugging me and I wondered if anyone out there had any ideas.



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    Was it WBR?
    I heard ahead of time that sometimes hair doesn't grow back after whole brain radiation, so I wasn't very hopeful. The radiation oncologist said she had one patient who came in every month for a long time afterwards to berate her about her missing locks :) Well, I finished my WBR almost exactly a year ago, and I do have about an inch of hair now. So it's slow, but don't give up hope. Prior to that, I had lost all my hair to chemo, and when it grew back in it was no longer absolutely straight but had a nice wave. This time, the hair growing in around my brain surgery scar is positively frizzy compared to the rest of it, which is fairly straight.

    Everybody is different - I'm sure you've heard that echoed all over the boards. And you know what? It's not such a minor issue; how we feel about ourselves certainly has an effect on how we feel during treatment, in my opinion. In our hindbrain, losing our hair is akin to losing our health and youth, well, tell that hindbrain it's not so anymore!

    I hope your hair will grow back for you, but in the end, you know where your real beauty is :)

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    I was never really bothered
    I was never really bothered by the fact that I was bald, but now that my hair is about an inch and a half long, it can be a bit of a mess at times. I originally had wanted extensions myself, and my stylist said that the hair needed to be at least three or four inches long before she could put them in, as if it was too short one could see the difference in the hair. So, I had it chemically straightened in the meantime.

    Hopefully that answers your question somewhat as to length. It is possible to do it, just needs to be so long to apply them.
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    Tried everything

    I am cancer free 12 years now and as a woman in her 20s it is extremely disheartening to not have a full head of long hair. Ugh. W.e. I'm over it. BUT my hair is really thin and sparse and I want to cry every time I wash my hair because soooooo much falls out. I have been using batiste dry shampoo in the divinely dark type. So it has brown color and I really like it and I get compliments from my friends that know my hair. But I'm sick and tired of being fake. And wigs are too fake. Extensions did more damage than good. Rogain doesn't work. Anyone have any advice?

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    Having a small slit during the surgery

    My mother in law suffered from the same problem, and we were tensed, that doctor might ask to cut the complete hair. However, he smart to only put a small strip bald and cut the same to extract all the tumuor out. Although, now she has to go through the therapy but her hairs are restored back. I have started a campaign <Content removed by CSN Support Team> that helps us create more awareness about the disease and whatever money we get out of this, trying to support the lower income level class, get it diagonsed, and the procedures there after.