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Switching from Cisplatin to Carbo/Taxol

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Hello Ladies...

Now that my Radiation is wrapping up (Praise the Lord and may my bowels come back to normal),
my next Chemo protocol will likely be Carbo/Taxol.

Can anyone share their experience of switching from one to another? Any differences in the reaction? Also, is one stronger than another??

I like to know what I am getting myself into :0


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I can only tell you my experience with Carbo/Taxol. I had all of my radiation first, then a 30 day "rest" and then chemo every 3 weeks. They told me at the beginning that I would probably have more difficulty keeping my counts up due to the radiation prior to chemo.

With the pre-meds and meds taken after the infusions, I really did not have any vomiting . About day 3 after the infusions I hit the couch and just didn't have any energy for about 4 days and had some occasional nausea but not enough to take any additional medication. Just felt washed out.... I started having neuropathy after the 3rd treatment along with counts so low I had to postpone treatments....so I started on Neulasta 24 hours after each infusion. In spite of it, my dr. felt that after several delays to treatment #6, my body had had "enough". Also, the neuropathy in my feet was getting much worse and I was having trouble walking. I had just a little neuropathy in my fngers and that went away after a month or so. I still have the neuropathy in my feet and I finished chemo 13 months ago. I had some bone pain from the neulasta but it was minimal.

Good luck to you!!!

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Hi! Laurie!
I finished cisplatin Dec 15th after 6 weekly doses. Also had 25 abdominal radiation and it took me about 3 weeks for my bowels to come back to normal. I can eat pretty much anything I want now. But, I remember the bowel problems, hang in there, hope it is better soon for you.

I had no hair loss on the cisplatin but, with the taxol/carbol lost all my hair exactly 3 weeks after the first dose. Experienced little nausea, but had some fierce leg pains on the 4th and 5th day after infusion. Doc called in some pain meds. I hate taking pain meds but, took them because it hurt a lot. The second and third week after infusion I felt fine. Had the same symptoms for my second dose on Feb.1. First day felt great, second day some nausea, (Zofran helped a lot but constipating as all get out, take a stool softener if the doc will give you one it helps a lot), third day felt punky, tired leg pains, eyes sore, same thing the 4th day, after that symptoms were better fast. I think everyone has a different reaction to the chemo. I tend to worry about each little thing, but looking back it wasn't that bad.
Going for my 3rd (and probably final) taxol/carbol on Feb 22. Hopefully, all is well after that.
Wishing all the best for you, (((LAURIE)))big hug...Norma

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Thanks Karen and Norma for taking the time to comment...

I am hoping it goes the way my first round went...at least I know what to expect with that.

I will keep you posted.


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