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Update on reoccurrence of UPSC

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I haven't posted in a long time, but wanted to let everyone know that for now I am NED. I hesitate to get to excited as it seems my Dr. thinks it will show itself again. Just as a reminder of my story I had it first in 2006 and it returned in early 09 in my lungs. I got the same round of Taxol/carbolatium that I got in 06 and it cleared my lungs of cancer but in late October 09 they discovered brain lesions, so I had whole brain radiation. I have had and MRI and CT scan and everything is okay for now.

I am drinking green tea and using tumeric although I just read from Claudia's post it needs to be heated. I hate the taste of it. I do mix it with black pepper and olive oil and usually put it with some salad. I started out every day but now I notice that I am not liking so much so I skip. Not good I guess. I met a lady at the infusion center that was getting mistletoe shots, she gives them to herself, but a doctor prescribes them. Does anyone know about this?

Good luck to everyone in fighting this horrible disease.


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Frances, You inspire me! You have been through so much physically and emotionally. I was declared NED just 2 weeks ago after completing chemo on Dec. 30th. I think most of us cancer survivors live with the awareness that cancer can and sadly often does come back again. I admire your courage and fortitude in pushing through it all.

I have a one year old neice who is fighting medullablastoma (brain cancer) at St. Jude's Research Hospital. She has had two brain surgeries, is undergoing chemo and will have brain radiation----she is a trooper also.

Tumeric? I will need to google it as I don't know anything about it or mistletoe shots. If I find something I will post it. Thank you for sharing your good news about NED.
You are in my prayers.

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Having NED is wonderful. You have been through so much. I hope you get a rest from treatments for a very long time. Continue the fight. In peace and caring.

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Fran, how wonderful it was to see a post from you and such a good report! You have certainly had some huge bumps in the road, but so great to hear you are NED!!! May you remain that way forever!!!

Big hugs to you!!!


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It's sooooo good to hear from you and that you are NED! As Karen said, "May you remain that way forever"!


Hugs, Marge

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So happy to hear of your latest scan results! I too find you to be a great inspiration, you are so strong! Don't listen to those silly doctors, there is only one Physician who really knows!! You are a fighter!!
May I ask how they originally found the brain mets? I have a friend who is currently undergoing radiation for a brain tumor. I don't think his was whole brain radiation, but I'm not sure.
I pray that you will continue to remain NED!

Dance on...

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I had several brain lesions so necessary to the WBRT. I wish your friend the best in his treatment. You are right there is only one Great Physician and I petition him daily for good results. Whatever the answer is will be the right one.

Take care

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Hi! Fran, I am so glad you are NED! Hoping it continues!!! Norma

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Fran you are such an inspiration. When is the grandbaby due?
Love and hugs,

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