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Salivatory glands damaged

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I was diagnosed with THYROID cancer on March 0f 2009. Had my thyroid removed and did the RAI treatment. I am currently taking 250 mcg of Levothroid. About one month ago I noticed that my tongue was getting stuck to my gums of my mouth at night. Know it seems to happen more often. At night when I wake up I have to force my tongue to move or else it feels like it is asleep or stuck. I went to the endo and he told me that it was that my Salivatory glands were damaged with the radioactive iodine. So, he says that it is part of the dry mouth that is what he called it. I am not so convinced about that. But, just wondering if anyone else has kind of the same symptoms.

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My salivary glands are sore and my mouth dry, but your symptoms are to the extreme. I am so sorry you are having that side effect. Try calling your radiologist and ask him/her what they can do about it. Also if your endo does not give you a good answer, get a second opinion. Maybe time will help, but it would seem you need more information.

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My surgeon told my to continue to use the sour candies and/or drink lemonade. That helps to get rid of the inflammation. Drink a lot of water too. definitely get another opinion. During the early weeks after my TT, I used to choke a lot when I slept, so I ended up sleeping in the reclining position to prevent that.

My throat is still partially numb and if I attempt to eat seafood, it itches like crazy. I'm still sensitive to certain food odors, but other than that, I'm doing quite well.

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