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Invasive Sqamous Cell Vascular & Lymphatic

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Wow - I've been trying to find a support network for weeks and just reading thru the existing threads here today has helped me to feel so much better.

My husband was dx with squamous cell cancer in 2005 in his ear canal (removed 2 2cm tumors and 36 rounds of radiation). Has basal cell as well, which has been gone ongoing, visits dermatologist regular for removal, have had a few that have come back squamous with clear margins using MOHS.

In May of last year he had a small cyst (no sore on the outside just lump inside) on his left side primary doctor assumed fatty cyst & removed, had several more come up - all removed by primary doc (no path was done -not sure why he just said they were fatty cysts). Had on on his back that was very near the spine - removed in Oct - came back. Went to remove in Dec and doc said - hmmm this is something different- going to need to send you to surgeon. Sugery was 2 days later Jan 8th and they removed a softball size tumor that was adhered to his spinal cord. Path has come back that margins were not clear and that it has metastasized and that there is vascular and lyphatic invasion. Which I assuming means it is in blood and lymphnodes. A CT was done that shows nodules in Liver and in Lungs but no confirmation of whether it is cancer.

Also during this time (Around about September), he had a weird wound start by looking like he had hit his thumb nail with a hammer (but he had not) ended up loosing his thumb nail and then a sore opened on the tip of thumb went to doc - various antibiotics, nothing would clear - sent to vascular surgeon tested all that came back good, when he had surgery on back they put two and two and determined thumb was squamous as well - amputated top of thumb to first knuckle on Jan 26th.

We of course are really scared - we have appointment with oncologist on Tuesday, who will hopefully schedule PET - from what I am reading it doesn't seem like there is much treatment avail if it has spread as far as we think. What questions do you guys recommend me asking when we go to oncologist? We got the book Knock Out which I highly recommend even though I never really liked Suzanne Summers :) Really helped shift my husbands perspective and we are doing everything we can from a nutritional and holistic approach and then will decide what to do once the docs give us there recommendations.

If it is in lungs and liver - is there hope?

Thanks in advance for all the support - seems like a wonderful network here.

Laura Lee

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