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I got knocked down....I got up stronger!!

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I was diagnosed with RCC on Oct.30/2009. I had my left kidney removed Dec.3/2009. It was an iccedental find after I was having my thyroid checked. My blood pressure was really high and the specialist did not like that. He proceeded to check my abdominal and discovered that he felt a mass. I was sent for an ultra sound Nov. 4 (my birthday) and that confirmed a mass more than half the size of my kidney. At a later date a CT scan confirmed the mass was actually 12cm by 17cm. I was admitted on Dec. 3 for the removal of my kidney (which weighed 1KG)(normal kidney 200GR) and I was home on Dec.7. Recovery has been slow and steady. I am not big on sitting around and after 2 months I started back to work part time. I am still tired and my abdominal area is still numb. Don't feel comfortable wearing regular pants as it causes me pain. How long will this numbness continue?? How long will this discomfort last. I guess as long as the cancer is gone all the rest will soon fall in to place. I too am being checked every 3 months but that is alright with me. There is a history of cancer in my family so being checked on a regular basis means that if by chance this disease returns we can catch it early (this round of cancer was a stage 3). Oh and by the way now that my kidney has been removed my blood pressure has returned to normal and I am off my BP pills. That makes me very happy. I have read alot of your posts and it is nice to know that I am not the only one going through this!! Thanks for the inspiring words!!
God bless and live, laugh, love!!

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I had a radical nephrectomy in 2001 - and the area surrounding my incision remains numb. The pain may last for a while - mine lasted for about 4-5 months (not dibilitating but 'there' a lot of the time). I'm glad your cancer was discovered and that you're on the mend from surgery. Remember - followup is critical with RCC!

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I had my kidney removed laproscopicaly in August, 2002. There is a lot of pain at first. My tumor was 2.7 cm. Obviously an 11 cm tumor is not going to be revoved laproscopicaly and that will take more than a few months to heal. Hang in there. The pain does eventually go away.

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After my diagnosis of kidney cancer on July 24, 2009, I had a radical nephrectomy of my right kidney and removal of my ovaries and tubes (benign ovarian cyst, thank God) on August 14, 2009. It was stage 3, having advanced to my renal vein but was encapsulated. My recovery, according to my doctors, was very quick. I was back at work part-time by September 15. Yes, I was tired, numb and uncomfortable. I had to buy new underpants; couldn't stand the kind I'd been wearing. Only certain clothes were tolerable. But I got through it, and it's all a memory now. I have so much more energy than pre-surgery. No idea how long the tumor had been growing. I'd never had an abdominal sonogram or CT scan prior to this. I'm following my urologist's dietary advice and monitoring my blood pressure which is slightly elevated. Every good report from my doctors helps with my conviction that I am cancer free and my determination that I will stay that way. My favorite word is grateful and I try to show that every day of my life. August 14th is my new birthday and I hope to celebrate it for many many years to come.
Stay healthy and keep believing in yourself.

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I was diagnosed with RCC in my right kidney the end of August 2009 quite by accident while on vacation. After having severe muscls spasms on my right side I went to the ER and the doctor decided at the last minute to order a CT scan which was how the cancer was found. When I got home I was seen at the cancer treatment center and a follow-up contrast CT showed that it had metastacized to both lungs (smallish tumors). The one in my kidney is 10cm. I also had developed a rather nasty lung abcess that had to be cleared up before any treatment could be done. Finally I was started on Sutent which worked pretty well. Side effects for the first 3 months were tolerable. Finally after almost 6 months on antibiotics got rid of the lung abcess, so next step is surgery to remove my left kidney. I'm scheduled for 31 March '10. My surgeon is not sure if he's going to be able to do it laproscopically or not. Any information or words of encouragement will be greatly appreciated.

jmtb if you culd share with me the type of undies that you find comfortable I'd appreciate that. After reading all these posts, I'm sure I'll have to be buying some new stuff!! LOL

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