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Will You Watch the Super Bowl?

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I toned down my wording so as not to offend, but I usually call it the Stupid Bowl.

Am I the only person who doesn't like football? Oh, I'll watch 'Facing the Giants' and cry through half the movie, cheering for the boys to win State, but that's as far as football gets with me.

Who do you want to win?

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Football will be on at our house (I dislike football) because I have relinquished control of the remote control to George since he is the one with cancer and you would not believe the sports I have had to endure. George even watches the Lions and they have only won 2 or 3 games in 2 years. He has ESPN on now. Since we have friends in New Orleans I guess I want the Saints to win. Tina

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We don't do football... unless it's college football. So, we might turn to watch some commercials now and then, but not to watch.

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oh yea we are going to a super bowl party with friends and going to be yelling and screaming for the saints to open a can of whoop azz lol...

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Call me the corny girlfriend but I love when my Man gets all excited when watching football, and I wouldn't miss the Superbowl with him. I never liked watching sports on TV and I used to make fun of those who did. Then my middle son, Richard, told me what an intelligent game it it and all the strategizing that goes with it. My boyfriend, Jeff, was a star on his highschool team in Odessa, Delaware. And now here I am, with a rudimentary knowledge of football but a love for the people who love it.

GO SAINTS!!!! (I think -- gotta ask Jeff :)

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....Diane. "Stupid Bowl" is kinda funny :)

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Even though our Viking's choked and didn't make it.

The sad thing is normally we would not be watching it (unless the Vike's were playing). Tomorrow is our 7th anniversary. We always celebrate on Isla Mujeres, where we were married. Not this year - my treatment schedule got all messed up to where I'm not allowed a break right now, when originally we thought I could. Top that off with the financial troubles cancer has added for us, and we couldn't afford to go anyway, because I only have enough points for one free ticket, and not two. Pretty sad, when I have a house there, but can't get to it. Our Valentine's dinner reservations we've held since last year at a special place there have to be cancelled too. This year Valentine's will be the day after my disconnect day. No celebrating that one, as Sunday and Monday if they follow the pattern of the first 7 tx will be awful days.

Today I'm whiney and having my little pity party. Tomorrow I'll be happy that we are both alive and have a 7th anniversary to celebrate! Even if it is by watching the Super Bowl here in cold, snowy MN, rather than on our tropical island. We were lucky enough to find our soul mate, just a little later in life, after both going through a bad relationship before. And since I'm finally feeling better after the last tx, maybe we can even celebrate the way you'd expect to celebrate an anniversary! Up till my dx we were still pretty much newlyweds... ;)

And next year - we'll be back on our island!

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Who do I want to win? If I knew who was playing, I'm sure I'd have a preference.

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I actually love football and my 11 year old son is obsessed with the game. He knows every player...every stat...every play...just everything. He has adults asking him his predictions all the time. I think his TV is stuck on NFL network. BUT, I can't stand the intensity of high stakes games or close games. Its just too nervewracking for me. I am a deadskin...I mean REDskin fan, but he is a Falcon fan so neither of our teams are in. We are rooting for the Colts over here.

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Not at our house. No pro any sport, but we love college games.

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I don't know why I asked that since I don't know who's playing LOLOL

Hubby played football in college and coaches several sports. I played good wife and went to the high school girl's bball game today but only know they won. There was a lot of testosterone flying today. A couple of near 'beat downs' on the court. Big girls with anger issues!

Hubby will watch the Super Bowl in his man cave. He has the big flat screen with surround sound.... He doesn't act like the guys on commercials. Think Tom Landry with lots of hair and some meat on his bones.

If I had to like a sport, it would be baseball.

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Diane, I love football, but my favorite sports are baseball (Atlanta Braves!) and basketball (I favor college ball for this-go, Wolfpack!).

So, we'll be watching the Super Bowl, and I guess I'm rooting for the Saints. I wanted the Carolina Panthers, but that didn't happen. Oh, well...


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That is my game!!! Even tho my COWBOYS didn't make it.... I still enjoy the grand finale'...... My vote is with the Saints.... i REALLY REALLY wish they would win..... BUT... my money... if i were betting... and I am not... would be with the Colts :(


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Hey Gail - fellow N Carolinian and NC State fan here. Our Panthers didn't have much of a chance this year. I also like watching former State quarterback Philip Rivers of the Chargers. For the Super bowl, I'm with you - go Saints.
Take care,

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