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William and Loretta...where are you?

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Betty in Vegas
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I've been wondering, has anyone heard from them? It is unusual for him to be so quiet for so long. I actually had someone on the ACOR list that I referred to him, because he is going to have surgery with his surgeon.

But I don't think he's been around. Now I know he had travel in the future, but I want to be sure everything is ok.


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I think they are fine, I talk to them privately at times but her mother isn't doing well so that may be where they are at. But as far as I know they are okay. Just busy. But maybe they will answer I know they do look on site often.


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Thanks for the update I'm glad they are fine. I will say a prayer for Lorettas mom.

God Bless,

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I email them privately and they are doing fine. They had a surprise visit from their grandson so they've been busy visiting with him. I'm sure they'll be back on sometime soon!! I'd be lost without them!!!


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