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Colon Cancer

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I am in awe of all of your stories. I am amazed by the strength each of you show. I feel guilty posting this because as of right now, I am not sick.

Here is my concern. I am a 37 year old female. Most of my life I've had stomach issues - not going or going too much. Cramps, pains, etc. This has happened since I was a child. I've been told its IBS.

In the last 5 years hemorrhoids have become a major issue. A doctor a few years ago used a scope and saw internal hemorrhoids. When I stand on my feet all day (I'm a teacher) it is really bad.

Monday I started having bright red blood during a bowel movement. It was ALOT! I immediately called my doctor. She believed that it was due to an antibotic I was taking that caused loose stools. The loose stools may be irritating me. Wednesday it was still happening so I went in.

The doctor did a visual exam, rectal exam and used a small scope. She diagnosed internal hems and an anal fissure. CBC was done which was normal. She said that if I'm still bleeding in 2 weeks to call her back.

I'm wondering if I should go straight to a gastro doctor and demand a colonscopy. I've read so many cancer stories in which the people had rectal bleeding and were told it was something else until finally dx with stage III or IV colon cancer. I'm terrified and don't know what to do. Any advice is appreciated.

I lost a family member to cancer and she was very important to me. Since then I've felt an extreme anxiety for my health which became worse over the summer. I lost 15 pounds and I can't gain it back. This also has me worried that maybe it is colon related and not anxiety related - all though I wasn't eating very much at all and had extreme loss of appetite. I'm eating better but still not gaining much weight back - maybe 2 or 3 pounds.

Again, I feel guilty bothering you all with my issues but I figure you have a wealth of information you could share with me.

Many blessings,

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yes, get to a gastro doc and demand a colonoscopy. You could very well have colotitis and a colonoscopy is the only way to see that.

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If you get a coloncscopy and it comes out ok speaking from experience I would have a c scan done they are a very good tool to spot cancer. I would not wait I would get an apt. ASAP cancer is nothing to fool around with the sooner they find it the sooner you can get treatment started and beat the monster..

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Did the doctor take a stool sample for the lab? You might even have C Diff from the antibiotic. Whatever it is, I'd also go see a Gastro and find out for sure.

Wishing you only good news.

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Diane, no stool sample. I'm not sure why.

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Yes, I would have that checked immediately. My colon cancer presented with an episode of bleeding similar to what you described. That doesn't mean that your diagnosis WILL be cancer, but you definitely need to know what it is. If you keep bleeding like this, you will be very anemic. When I saw my primary care doctor about my toilet full of blood, he had me leave his office and go straight to the hospital, because he was afraid I might "bleed out." When the cancer was discovered, I had to have two units of blood before they would even consider doing surgery on me.

Good luck, dear, and please let us know what you find out.


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The good news is that I am bleeding less today but I do believe that I'm going to try and schedule an appt. with the gastro doctor on my own. My insurance doesn't require a referral so that is good. I just hope my primary doctor doesn't get mad for going over her head.

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Quote:" I just hope my primary doctor doesn't get mad for going over her head.".....Whose getting paid and who is doing the paying......She works for your health you don't go for her wealth...............Bedside manner or Dr ettiquette, it wouldn't bother me to go over the Popes head if I knew I could get a better answer....Becca, she works for your health and if she gets mad or upset at you wanting to go somewhere else then I would go in a heartbeat. If you have colon cancer then you have saved your own life and if not then you have peace of mind....To hell with what shes gonna feel like, this is about you and your life.......

sorry bout the expletives there bec....just trying to make a point...Love Hope and second opinions, Buzz

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I was told by my primary dr that if you have a family history you should get checked 10yrs back in age from their diagnosis. So, if your family member was 47 or younger when diagnosed, then you're due. I wish I had known that before my diagnosis. I went 2yrs after that benchmark and ended up being stageIII. Doesn't hurt to be precautionary.


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not sure- but I think that 10 year mark is for first level relatives? Like my children will need to have a colonoscopy by age 40- and my cousins, the standard age of 50. I also wish I had known this- my father had a history of polypops removed starting at age 40 and his sister had colon cancer.

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Rectal Bleeding is what landed me in the hospital on Nov 23, 09, and an immediate colonoscopy revealed rectal cancer. My previous colonoscopy did now show the cancer--but it was there--growing--and NO SYMPTOMS other than rectal bleeding in Dec. Please get a 2nd opinion soon and go to Emergency if necessary--to get a colonoscopy. It may save your life!

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Make the call to gastro and get that colon checked. I doubt with your symptoms that you will have to do any demanding. Taking positive action and getting an expert to check you out will help relieve some of the anxiety.

It doesn't pay to ignore the symptoms.

Never a bother to have someone ask for information or help here. Everyone is more than willing to share experiences and expertise with concerns.

Hoping that all checks out alright for you. Be sure to let us know.


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My husband had unexplained weight loss and a few gastro complaints. He ended up with Stage IV colon cancer. He did not have bleeding, pain, etc. If you are worried, call and get an appointment with as gastro doctor. A colonoscopy is really no big deal but for the prep you have to drink the day before. Tina

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Yes demand a colonoscopy. If it is all clear, then you will have peace of mind.. God bless. Petrina

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get an appointment as soon as possible with a gastro. If your primary Doc doesn't like it tough. Sometimes you have to follow through with your "gut" feelings and be your own advocate.You are not too young for colon cancer...there are 4 at my cancer center in their 30's w/colon cancer.

I know you are scared. I would be too.Hopefully it is hemorrhoids, but do everything you can to make sure. You will be glad that you did and you need that peace of mind.

Best wishes.

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I really don't have anything to add. You've read some great advice here. I would have no problem going to a GI doc or to a surgeon and demanding one.

Be your own advocate. You are the one that cares the most about your healthcare. Seriously, if your doc gets upset you sought out a second opinion, I'd be on the lookout for a brand new primary care doc.

Get that colonoscopy. Our thoughts are with you. Please, though, come back and tell us how you're doing. We're always open here...

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I second, third and fourth the advise for you to get the colonoscopy. If its nothing you'll know that, but if there is something there you will know how to fight and WIN...

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