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To the veterans here, what is a reasonable time frame to “recover” fully for “day to day” activities

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To the veterans here, what is a reasonable time frame to “recover” fully for “day to day” activities after surgery?…I am very active now and fully plan on best case with doing my required workouts to get back on top…

Specifically, has anyone out there looking for work pre and post surgery? I am having surgery March 3 and had to turn down a job offer this week because of the timing plus not wanting my industry to know I have cancer (most offers for me take 3-4 months of meetings, negotiating, etc before formal offers plus the cancer with new employer issue)) and I have been unemployed for going on 23 months…and my phone this week has been ringing off the hook with initial exploration for new employment…I am 55 and already have age against me…my job requirements are to travel 50-75% and oversea a lot…So I cannot be holding a “bag” when interviewing…

Any advice or pointing me in the right direction will be sincerely appreciated…however please do not respond to me about other "treatments" to “bypass” the time I need to recover from my surgery choice…
Many thanks

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Hi, I can only give you my own story here. I had my robotic surgery on January 21. I had he catheter in until January 28th, so now I am onto pads. For the most part I have been at about 3 a day. I have been able to get out and walk, go out to dinner, go to my daughters basketball games, etc. The issue around these has been planning. For example, I drove to my daughters game the other day that was about an hour away. I had some soda abou 30 minutes before I left, ad by the time I got to the game I had to run t the bathroom, literally, run.

As far as normal activities, physical wise; mMy doc told me I could start walking (slowly) on the treadmill again, just no jogging/running yet. He said that in about weeks (around Feb 22) I should be fully resume all activities, work, gym, etc. I do a lot of bowling and by the 22nd I will be able to resume that activity as well. I know it does not sound like much, but throwing that 16 pound ball about 36-50 times in a 2.5 hour span can put a fair amount of pressure on your lower abdominal area.

I don't know if any of this helps. At a minimum expect to have the catheter for about a week and then it really is going to be a matter of how much pain and incontinence you experience and unfortunately there is not a one answer fits everyone. I can stress that you do the kegel exercises. I did them for about a month prior to my surgery and then started them back up after the surgery. I really think the work pre surgery has helpd me.

I wish you all the best.

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Pleased that you are on a positive mend right now...yes it was helpful

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I'm 62 in good health and active. My da Vinci was Sept 24. I had the catheter for one week which is typical.

Christmas was three months and I was down to one pad per 24 hours. By new years I was pad free. You will need some time to heal from the surgery, but pain was minimal. Now, I just have to be "aware" and use the bathroom at the first sign of need. I still get the occasional slight leak, and that may go away also.

At this point if someone didn't already know about my surgery, they would not know. My life is back to the way it was pre surgery.

Tom D Orlando

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great...I am hoping for the same god willing-thanks

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For me, it took about five weeks, but four of those had to do with the catheter. After the first week I felt pretty good, but the catheter made moving around difficult. Now, except for occasionally lifting something too heavy, I feel no different than I did before surgery. (Cryosurgeryj). I suspect, much like deciding on which treatment to go for, that recovery times come in many varieties. Good luck! John

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All in all it sounds like it catch this cancer "local" or "regional", are in decent shape and have a positive additude you get back on track in a reasonalbe timeframe,,,thanks

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Remember, snowflakes. Everyone is different. WE can always hope for the best but sometimes a patient doesn't quite fit the average mold. And if your gleason is high and the tumor makes a break for the margins and you need radiation......

I needed a good 4- 5 weeks to get back to work. I leaked a lot for 5- 6 months, gradually tampered down to one pad a day with stress release, then I hit radiation and now I am back to 3- 4 pads a day.

I wish you luck. I'd suggest you hope and plan for the best outcome but know we are all snowflakes. There is no mold.

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Yes I know but right now I am thinking the best and will deal with next steps if and when they arise but totally understand what you are saying….thanks and the best to you

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Bd, Before surgery, even before I got my path report back, I had a sense it was not going to be good for me. the gloom began with my first PSA in late November and it was only about 9.7. Maybe your body is telling you something, like mine was telling me.

And best to you to.

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I think we all are somewhat pessimistic after being diagnosed with cancer. Sorry to hear that the best did not occur for you and I truly wish you the best.

I had several medical consultations and they basically said the same thing to me from what were my best treatments options to my staging… I choose to hope for the best (e.g. I am not even donating my own blood) and all feedback from doctors to my support group tell me the same (you will deal with what is presented to you) but on March 3 (for me) I walk into the unknown and a new mystery of life will unfold…but I have my faith and many folks (most I do not know) praying for me…Hey, I even have 381 Nuns in Chicago praying for me by name since I was diagnosed …but in the end I am scared going in but chose to hope for the best…

Again, I truly wish you the best.

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Yah, I was scared, too. I made love to my wife the last time that week before surgery. Checkin' into the hospital was like a dark drama. I think I would have bolted except I had family there and they all thought I was doing the right thing. And they were probalby right. I didn't have many options then. Even Loma Linda told me to go ahead and get the surgery so my last hope was snuffed out. By then Loma Linda had all my records. It is interesting but about 5-6 months after surgery I got a call from Loma Linda asking how I was doing. They anticipated I would need raiation and they called to discuss it with me. My local doc was waiting for me to dry up as much as possible before releasing me for radiation. The drying up was no easy process for me, and I never really made it all the way but Dr here did not want to wait any longer, and Loma Linda said I could not afford to wait any longer either, so again, no options it seemed.

You will soon be adding to your own story. This is an interesting fellowship. Few understand it outside those who have experienced it.

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Hi yes its scary stuff to deal with I was back at work after 4 weeks still leaking average 2 to 3 pads a day .I think another 2 weeks would have made a differance but money was tight and I had few options. yes 2 months later on the 4-2-2010 feeling real good ,almost back to full activitys the body feels healed and the mind has forgoten the pain 1 pad a day and none at night .Still I use the toilet when ever close by getting much beter bladder control it can be a state of mind somtimes but every day is much better then the previous .Hope your exsperiance is a possitive one and best wishes for the future. we all pray for each other take care Shane

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I work from home mostly in my office on a computer unless I need to travel to see customers. I told the doc to tell my work half days for two weeks following surgery which they did...since they suggested 6 weeks...I would have gone mad not working for 6 weeks and work would have piled up to a point of causing depression. I am now feeling pretty normal, no pain what so ever on day 41 following surgery. I use one pad per day...or rather a 1/2 pad...and one full pad every night because I don't want to change sheets if I have an accident....but sometimes I reuse the night pad the next night because it's dry. I hope it continues to get better each day and soon be totally continent. I had a sling put in at time of surgery - my docs have been doing it that way for several years now...that may be why I have recoverd quicker than some...but everyone is different. I had to wear the cath for two weeks because I had a leak when i went to take it out after 7 days....I think that even slowed the continence theraphy. Within about two weeks to three weeks you will be getting around pretty good if you have a good surgeon and are in fairly good health and shape. ....Age probably has something to do with it also...I am 52 and here are my stats and path hope it helps and wish you the best:

52 years old
PSA 9/09 7.25
PSA 10/09 6.125
Diagnosis confirmed Oct 27, 2009
8 Needle Biopsy = 5 clear , 3 postive
<20%, 10%, 10%
Gleason Score (3+3) 6 in all positive cores
11/09 Second Opinion on Biopsy slides from Dr. Koch
(4+3) = 7 5%
(3+4) = 7 10%
(3+4) = 7 10%
Endorectol MRI with Coil - Indicated the Palpal tumor was Organ confined
da Vinci 12/29/09 - Dr. Hollensbee & Scott
Post Surgery Pathology:
Prostate size 5 x 4 x 3.5 cm Weight: 27 g
Gleason: Changed to (3+4) = 7
Primary Pattern 3, 80%
Secondary Pattern 4, 18%
Tertiary Pattern 5, 2%
Tumor Quantitation:
Greatest Dimension, Largest tumor focus: 19 mm
Additional Dimension 18 x 15 mm
Location, largest tumor focus: Right posterior quadrant
Multifocality: Yes
Greatest dimension second largest focus 10 mm
Location: second largest focus: Left Posterior quadrant
Extraprostatic extension: Yes
If yes, focal or non-focal: Nonfocal
If yes: location(s) right and left antero-lateral
Seminal vesicle invasion: No
Cancer at surgical margin: No
If no, closest distance with location: less than 1 mm, right posterior quadrant
Apex involvement: No
Bladder involvement: NO
Lymph-vascular invasion: No
Perineural invasion: Yes
Lymph nodes: 9 from right pelvic 0/9 positive
Stage: pT3a, pNo, pMX
All nerves sparred - found two additional pudendal arteries

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