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hospital update

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I am sitting in the hospital waiting room and have some time to kill, so I thought I would give a quick update. The liver problem turns out to be fluid around the liver. They will do a TIPS (sp?) on him this afternoon. Hopefully that will control the bleeding. I talked to the Onc. and while it may not be liver cancer, it could be caused by the cancer. As I write this, I realize it does not make much sense, but when he said it, it did. So for now he is on a vent. and as much as I hate seeing him on it, he does look more comfortable. According to the Onc. they could wean him off the vent. and continue treatment. Of course it all depends on the bleeding. Paul told him this am that he still wants to fight this, so that is what we will do. Any and all prayers are welcomed.


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Prayers coming your way!


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More prayers for you and wishes that he feels better.


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I'm praying for you both. This is such a hard time. I pray he feels better soon and that you keep your strength!!


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sorry-I haven't been on much today---Hang in there!---there is so much we don't understand and always think the worst!

I don't have much wisdom--just praying you know that we are all thinking of you two (and the Doc's..)

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Prayers and many hopeful good thoughts coming your way!!! Stay strong, you and Paul have gone thru so much what a fighter!! take care,

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