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FINALLY.....a section on anal cancer!!!!

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WOW.....people I can relate to!!!!!!
I was diagnosed with anal cancer in April of 08 at 49 years of age. NEVER even heard of it before...oh except Farah, and she never returned my calls!!! I was on 5FU chemo and 6 1/2 weeks of radiation. Stage 1, and all was good. All the docs, etc., said it was gone.
But WOW what a process.....the weaking of your bowel muscles, the pain of going to the bathroom. And WHO do you talk to about it? I kept it sooo private! I so wished I met someone with the same cancer. I volunteer at an oncology clinic for ACS and still never met anyone with this very undignified cancer!!!
Through all this a spot on my lung was seen....watched it....watched it...evenutally changed a little, and on New Years Eve in 08 I had a 1/5 of my lung removed. This was a completely different cancer altogether. Also, spots were always visible on my liver....so they've been watching those. Had my one year lung scan and anal exam in December 09. spots on liver changed....biopsy...on New Years Eve this year on my way to Central Oregon to celebrate one year of surviving lung cancer, I found out the anal cancer spread to my liver.....TRIPLE DAMN!!! Is 3 times a charm?? I sure hope so. Scheduled now for a liver resection next week. Anyone been there???

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Hi Sue
You have had quite a time with this. I wish you well on your liver resection. You've beat it before you'll beat it again. I was diagonsed in July, finished treatment in Sept and so far so good. They say that it rarely comes back, but obviously it can. Did you have any other chemo with the 5FU? Usually it's Mitomycin or Cisplatin? Just wondering. It seems so rare that it would come back with Stage 1.

Wishing you healing and praying that after the resection you will be finished with this beast!


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Thank you so much Liz. all the doctors say it is very rare that it would come back from a stage 1. My oncologist was sure they were just cysts on the liver. He said it would just be so rare.....but for some reason, I'm always the "rare" case! I plan to be the "rare" case that beats it 3 times!!!! I did have another chemo...I think it was the mito.
So you had chemo/rad and all clear???? How are you doing with some of the side effects?

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Hi Sue,
Thanks for asking. Thankfully I am doing very well. Side effects minimal - sore hip and upper right thigh. I have much to be grateful for so no complaints from me! Had first follow up in late Dec and all good.

Sending you positive thoughts and you'll be in my prayers!

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I too have had anal cancer. Stage II. I completed treatment 6-30-09. I was given 5FU and 1 infusion of mytomicin, along with 30 radiation zaps. As of this date I am ned after pet-ct, and biopsy. I am glad they will be able to do the resection on your liver. And after this is complete, may you never have to deal with cancer again. You've had your fill. You must be a very strong women to have gone through all this cancer. JDuke is going thru the very same situation, but she is unable to have the resection. She is the one who started this Anal Discussion board. You can see her on the liver resection scrapped. I wish you well.


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I was just reading her post Lori. I hope they have a GREAT alternative plan! I think it is so awesome that she started this site! I sure wish it was here in April 08 when I was diagnosed. I like I'm sure all of you felt very alone with this cancer. SOOOO awesome to now have others to share with!!

THANK you for all your kind words! CONGRATS to you! Stay strong and healthy!!!!!

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I just want to wish you the very best with your liver resection. May all go well and may you be cancer free! Please update us when you are feeling up to it.

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THANK YOU!!! And thank you all! This made my day to come in to this morning and read!!!!
WE will have to come up with a group support name for all us!!!!

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you better live like no tomorrow

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I have the vey same Anal cancer that you do even down to the spot on my lung and cyst on my liver. Have just started with chemo (5-FU and mitomycin). Started out feeling fine and then on the fourth day had dull ache in my lower back, hips and then in the calves of my legs. I asked about that the next day and was told that would not be caused by the radiation. After reading on this forum, I have found out that this does occur and also found out answers to my other questions. This is a great place to go to.

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wow. I hope you are cancer-free now. what a warrior! your story scares me as I have just had treatment for anal cancer at age 52 . I also have a small sopt on my lung and liver :( which they say was normal etc.  thanks for sharing, I will be more vigilant with the spots!  Margaret

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Your comment on Farah made me laugh. Like others have commented you have to be a strong person and to have a sense of humor like that after what you've been through is amazing. It sounds like if anyone can get through liver mets it is you. I have not been in your position, just had stage 1 and out one year so far. Please keep us posted on your progress. 

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