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Took the plunge..

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Well I finally tood the juicing plunge. I did some research and finally decided on what type of juicer I wanted to get, and ordered it on Sunday and when I got home from work, it was sitting on my front porch. So excited!! I have had a recurrence in my liver, and I was devastated. I am back on treatment, and will be having an ablation done on the lesion. After reading so many posts about juicing and the benefits so many are getting, I decided I wanted to be there to. I experimented tonight with carrots, celery, granny smith apple, and a half lemon. It was really good. I know it will be difficult to change my bad eating habits, but I want to do everythig possible within my control to heal my body, and hopefully be around for my family in five years. I've been writing down all the recipes I have seen on the board going back and fourth and going to by a juicing book this weekend. Thanks for all the tips.

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Congrats on getting your juicer! It really is a big step, but such a positive one! I've heard that the carrots and apples are two of the most important ingredients in a cancer fighting party drink. When i first started, i felt the effects of more energy right away. I think the next day. It was a very strange feeling for me since i had been so sick and run down for so long previously.

Good luck with it, and let us know how you feel on it!


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