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Back to the hospital

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Where to start, it is all a jumble, forgive me if I bounce around. Paul started the Oxy and xeloda, all went fine, no bothersome side effects. He had a PET done which showed some spots on spine and pelvis, which correlated to some pain he was having. Started some very low dose pain meds and pain went away. He also went for a MRI (3 hours long under a general) so we could get more detailed information. Don't have the results back. This past weekend I just felt something was wrong, he fought me on going into the hospital, and he was persuasive in his arguments. I am sure other spouses/caregivers have been in the same position, trying to get what need to be done, done and having to fight the entire time, and in the end giving in. He had a blood appt. draw this am and the nurse looked at him and sent us straight to the ER.
Long story short. Something to do with his liver backed up and caused a blood vessel to rupture in his esophagus resulting in internal bleeding???? Honest, that is what they told me. I am pretty sure the “something with his liver" is cancer. He will have a scan tomorrow. Right now he is where he needs to be getting the care he fought me on, and I will get a good night sleep.


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Betty in Vegas
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That is so odd...a ruptured blood vessel! Hopefully, they can find more answers for you tomorrow, but I am glad you are able to rest knowing he is in good hands. Sometimes, our hands as caregivers are just not enough, and we know it. It's good to feel your docs have your darling in their knowledgable hands.

Praying here, keep us updated,

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I fought with Steve many times about going to the Hospital. So I know how that fight goes. Thank goodness he had the appt. for the draw. Sometimes it takes a 3rd party to get them to understand that they need to be in the hospital. I had to call Steves friends all the time to get him to go. So what did they say the "spots" were? I know you dont have the results, but I wondered if they sais what they thought they could be.

I will say prayers for you. Stay strong!


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Thank God for home care workers. Yes as caregivers our loved ones tend to think that we are over reacting until something like this happens. I can say that Al will never do that again.

I just want to let you not to jump to conclusions it may not be cancer, this can be caused by
certain pain medications also. God willing thats what it is. This is way easier to fix then
mets to the liver.

Please Keep us posted on his progress.

God Bless,

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