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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.


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I am posting for my last time.

I do not know how many physicians may visit these forums. I had hoped to provide some information where I could. Some postings were about different surgical techniques available for biopsy; others, spoke to the topic of clinical staging, etc.... I never gave my name or practice name or engaged in any solicitation. I can honestly state, as a surgeon, I have had no financial or personal gain interests in any of the postings I provided.

For reasons unknown to me, my account, "OncoSurge" has been blocked/deleted and the majority of my replies/posts have been removed. I hope all those that read some of my previous posts may have found some assistance in the information I provided and/or web-links refrenced. I wish you all the best.


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Perhaps there are legal reasons for this, but surely someone should provide an explanation - what about the people who read and relied on this person's posts; they need to know whether to toss that info out the window, don't you think?

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The Cancer Survivors Network is an online community created by and for people with cancer and their loved ones as a place to share their personal experiences with cancer and support one another. The site is strictly for peer to peer support. It's not a medical site. Giving medical advice is a violation of site usage terms and conditions members agree to when they register.

Your CSN Staff

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Giving medical advice is a violation of site usage terms and conditions members agree to when they register.

I didn't know that, thanks, guess I ought to go back and re-read that!


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Thank you for the clarification.

It is odd the no medical advice terms (I honestly did not see, but do understand). Given throughout, I read folks recommending and advising chemo regimens, surgical approaches and procedures. It is also surprising given in starting my account I was able to select something like ~"healthcare provider" or "physician" in my profile. I have tried to provide unbiased information. For example, the clarification I provided about "clinical staging" to the unfortunate person with loved one deemed stage 4 inoperable, or information on brain irradiation for small cell lung cancer, or explanation of types/techniques of biopsies available.... All have been removed. This leaves these questions unanswered.

While NOT medical advice, I do suggest at least an email would be nice in future such occurances. You can imagine how surprising it was to attempt to log on and find your account was gone; further surprising to find the majority of your posts deleted.... No explanation, no clarification, just the unmistakeable and unwritten message ...you are not welcome here any longer.

I will abide by that and depart.


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I kinda thought that was the reason, you being in the meidcal feild and all, but we all have given to some extent our experience and our conclusions, in a way givng some round about advice though maybe not directly. But this sight was designed for cancer patients and caregivers to get all the info they can on their disease so that we may make an inofrmed decision on the care and future treatments. I do understand But it si Human nature to seek sound advice from those who have had similar experiences and those who have the information on the disease and treatment, so we can make an imformed decision and have so peace of mind about the who, what, wheres, and whens, of this disease and the treatments given.


Dan(cibra1122) and Margi Harmon

PBJ Austin
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In case you are still reading I would like to thank you for your concern for me. I don't recall that you gave me any medical advice but I do appreciate all of the kind words you offered. All the best to you.

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