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Hi! Long time. I had my scan last January 18, but I did not read it My Onc. called me and told me that everything was great with no signs of cancer....7 months since my Surgery. However......Two days ago I went to ask for a copy of the Scan for my Thoracic Dr. and what I read scared the heck out of me. The report reads in part: THERE IS ANEURYSMAL DILATATON OF THE ASCENDING THORACIC AORTA 4.8 cm STABLE. lungs hyperinflated consistent with Emphysema without congestion. 4mm Hypodensity in the left lobe of the liver, STABLE SINCE PRIOR STUDY, most likely a small cyst (?)(never heard this before). The Emphysema got me because I never had this before and I do not smoke. The Aneurism scares me. I will be seeen both; My Cardiologist and my Thoracic Doctors next week, However, my Onc and my Cardiologist tell me that 4cm aneurysm is not that bad??????????. However they all are extremely happy that there is no signs of cancer any place in my system. I am also happy to know that , however these new findings are of concern to me and these Doctors do not discuss these things by phone so I will wait until I meet with them. Any comments??????. I don't even pickup my grand daughter not to cause problem with the aneurysm.??????

Otherwise I have my pains and knowing that I no longer have this cancer is very comforting.

I have also learned how to control my Depression, except for the new findings.

Anyone with this experience?


Don Carlos

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Glad to hear that you have no signs of cancer. I was told that if everyone, even healthy people had a cat scan things would show up. Cyst, hematomas etc. So just have everything checked out and make sure there is nothing wrong with them.

Good luck and god bless.

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Hi: Thanks for your response. I know what you are saying. I had every Scan I knew existed including the OSTREOSCAN, and all of them show everything clean. However this last one is the first to show an aneurism of the ascending aorta. My surgeon is a Cardiovascular Thoracic Doctor and I am sure he will hit the issue as soon as he reads the report. I also agree with you that to know that my entiere system is free of cancer is also a blessing. I am just concerned because of my age and an aneurism rupture. I am 77 and had a very healthy life otherwise. AS I find out what is going to be done I will let you all know.


Don Carlos

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Congratulations on your cancer-free scan, Don Carlos - I was thinking about you recently and hoping all was well. Keep in mind that further testing (which I'm sure your Cardiovascular Thoracic doc will ask for) may show something different as far as the aneurism is concerned - I had one radiologist who kept mentioning my missing lung in his reports - I still have both my lungs :) My best to you, and I hope you report in more often!


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Glenna M
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Just wanted to add my congratulations on your clean scan. I hope all works out well for you with the aneurism so you can relax and enjoy life.

Stay strong and keep smiling.


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Thank you all. What bothers me is that I have had all the scans and they all read Clean in the entire system including my arteries. My last OCTREOSCAN 8-19-09 after the surgery (two months later, shows that my entire system was clean "UNREMARKABLE WHOLE BODY OCTREOTIDE SPECT. How can I have an aneurism in just five months? I will soon find out.

Thanks you all for your response.


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