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How to help my husband

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Hi - I am new here and not sure where to start. My sister in law passed away in November at the age of 41 from bone cancer. My husband who is 39 is have a terrible time with the grief. I am not sure where to turn for help. I call the counselors and it takes 6 -10 weeks to get an appointment. He can not stay like this for that long. Are there other resources out there in the South Shore area of Massachusetts?

I am starting to get very concerned about leaving him alone, he has really more or less taken to being home alone - his work has been understanding but at some point he needs to get back.

Anything suggestions are very much appreciated!


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I'm not sure I can offer any help, but I wanted to say that I'm sorry you and your husband are dealing with this loss. Have you checked with your local American Cancer Society for grief counselors? A local Hospice might also be able to offer ideas. Grief and the grieving process take time. We all go through it in different ways. Since your husband is having trouble doing every day things, he may be clinically depressed. I think I would check with my family doctor to get advice. Medication may be needed. A grief group might offer support for both of you. Be sure to take care of yourself, too. Fay

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Compassionate Friends is a national Grief Program group for the parents and siblings of lost loved ones. My son died in November of Lung Cancer and we have found this group to be helpful. You might look up their website and find out if they have a group in your area. They also have a web site group. I hope this helps.


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