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Gallbladder Sludge!?

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Yup - gallbladder SLUDGE! Anyone else gotten it?

Yesterday, I saw my PA and she had a copy of my last CT scan. It says that "gallbladder sludge is noted". Not noted on any of the many scans done before chemo so guess it has developed during chemo. She's not concerned at this time and says that if it developes into gallstones that cause a pain - it's easily handled.

All I can think of is all the 'garbaldy ****' in sewer lines as 'sludge' and that doesn't seem, to me anyway, to be the best word to use in a medical report. Oh Well - over all everything is great - no signs of cancer.

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"Gallbladder sludge is a buildup of particles and mucus which can occur in the gallbladder over time. In some people, the appearance of gallbladder sludge causes no health problems, while others may experience complications, and in some cases, the sludge contributes to the development of gallstones. Patients who do experience symptoms as a result of the sludge buildup may be asked to consider a cholecystectomy, a surgical procedure in which the gallbladder is removed, to prevent the onset of more serious symptoms".

So...this is what I found online~sludge is a wierd word though, isn't it? LOL I am most happy that there are no signs of cancer~ whooo hoooo! Now that's what its all about!


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Oh, for heaven's sakes -- surely there must be a more medical-sounding word they could use for this! I really don't want to be told by a medical professional that I have "sludge" anywhere in my body!


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Yeah, sludge does sound pretty gross. I already had mine removed so it must have been
beyond sludgy...sludge balls...oh well, you gotta laugh...

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