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Things are changing...

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Last night Kelly went to the hospital for a transfusion but at the end her heart rate began racing and went into A Fib.

Kelly's out of the ICU as of this evening but we got some bad news today. The tumor in her left lung has caused that bronchial tube to close off completely. It has wrapped around this tube. This is what's caused the extreme shortness of breath and what they think caused the A Fib heart activity last night. The chest x-ray and CAT scan they did show a whiteout in this lung.

The drs. are compassionate and have been good to her/us...BUT...I can tell they're looking at us differently now. Sounds weird but I can tell. Things are changing and I'm afraid.

Kelly's hanging in there. She's in shock and scared and keeps telling me she's sorry for putting me through this. I'd choose to be nowhere else than with her and by her side supporting her all the way.

We talked to the radiation folks this afternoon and they're going to do their calculations, etc. Tried today but Kelly got scared because when she laid down flat she couldn't breath so they'll try again tomorrow. Today was too overwhelming. I think Kelly may do the radiation even after hearing all of the risks but we haven't talked in detail about it yet. She's a fighter and wants to kick this cancer in the *** (she said this today). We have some things to discuss but today was too much as it was.

Drs. couldn't give a time frame and said no one knows when the time will come but said she's very sick. They said this cancer will kill her in time. They didn't hold back. I can't believe this is happening. I had a bad feeling last night when her heart rate acted up.

Thanks for listening and being here,

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Lisa I am sorry you are both going through this... my thoughts and prayers are with you both and I am here if you need me


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Can I ask how long has Kelly been fighting this fight?

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Of course. She was originally diagnosed with follicular thyca in 2003.

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I am new here, and just read your post. You should contact the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. My cousin's friend went there (Phoenix) and they have her in remission from pancreatic cancer, when her doctor told her there was no hope. I think that they work with folks, as far as payment, dependent on circumstances. No matter what, you can never give up as long as she is willing to fight the fight. My heart goes out to you both, and i will keep you in my prayers. I am not sure where you are located, but there are locations accross the country, so hopefully one near you. Would always be worth it to go there and talk to them. I wish you the best.

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