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Does everyone feel comfortable with caregivers here?

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Joined: Jan 2010

I have recently joined after lurking for a couple of months and the information, spirit, and courage of this group is so heartwarming.

I am just learning to use the website and prior to today did not even realize that there was a special section for caregivers .... is it acceptable for me to post questions here on behalf of my husband who is Stage 4?

Eventually he may join in himself ... but he is not there yet.

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I 'think' the caregivers site is for those type discussions we may not want to hear! Certainly it's for support among those who are serving in love. :o)

You are certainly welcome here in my book!

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caregivers are certainly welcome here.
as you take care of a lovedone with cancer ,you have questions
you need answers, advice and support.
we have many caregivers on this site
and I'm sure some will chime in here soon.
Good luck!

I am not a caregiver,
I am stage IV colorectal
my care giver is an angel
she is priceless to me.

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Hi I'm not a regular, but anyway...I have Stage IV colon cancer w/ liver mets & just learned I have lung mets too. have you faced that one, and what was the treatment, if so?



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You belong here and we like you here. There are many wonderful caregivers who post often on this board.


peace, emily

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And very, very welcome!!!!

There is no 'rule' about the boards...I happen to join discussions in 3....this one, the anal cancer one, and the breast cancer (my 'other cancer') board...

This board is great for answering the 'been there/done that' questions...

I'm 5 years out, so I often times just lurk...lol...that's ok, too!!

Hugs, Kathi

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Joined: Oct 2009

Caregivers are definitely welcome here! There are many other caregivers who post here regularly.

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and I've felt warmly welcomed here. I joined first and then a while later he started posting as well. I've found the the caregiver's forum doesn't get nearly as much traffic as this board, and there are so many wonderful people here - they'll make you feel like family in no time...

glad you found us!

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It is absolutely appropriate for you to post here as a caregiver! There are many caregivers who post here on behalf of a loved one with cancer.

You take care-

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Joined: Apr 2009

Welcome,and feel free to ask any questions you want.Someone will usually have an answer for you.Their are lots of caregivers here.

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I am a caregiver and I am on here almost every day. I read almost all the discussions. This site has more information than the onc's office. The caregiver's site is completely different than this one. Most of those discussions are not about treatment, side effects, etc. they discuss problems in caregiving, hospice, etc. If you go over there you will immediately see the difference. Don't worry about hubby joining in, mine has yet to do so. It is important for you as well as the patient to know what to expect with this disease and this is the place to get that information and share. Tina

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I to am a caregiver for my hubby who is stage IV CC.

You have found a great site here to get answers to questions.
Nothing is taboo, someone has been thru what you are going thru
and will have answers for you.

Welcome to the only club that no one wants to belong to!



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Whether we are patient or care giver, we are all seeking as much information and support as we can get.

Glad you are here...these folks have a wealth of information from their own experiences.


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Absolutely! We've had several caregivers here. Please feel free to join us!


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Posts: 631
Joined: Jan 2010

who has responded. I cannot quite put into words what coming to this site means to me right now. I seldom leave it without a tear or two. But the tears are different from the ones that I have been shedding since my husband's diagnosis. These tears are brought forth from the kindness and compassion I feel from total strangers united by a very difficult struggle. There is no one, no matter had much empathy that they have, that can truly support like those of you who are sharing this struggle or have been there in the past. Each time I come I read a bit more and get to know your own voices and a bit about your lives and your stories. Thank you for taking the time to personally welcome me.

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Paula G.
Posts: 596
Joined: Apr 2009

My husband has cancer and we both post. I joined first because I needed to know about this crap. I have found so much help and comfort and friends that it has helped me so much. I didn't have any idea where to turn. People here have been through so much and can be so much help. Glad you have posted. Good luck. Paula

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I agree with everyone. We'd love to have you. I was dx in July '09. (Stage IV) My wife joined this group soon after. I spent several months reading over her should before I joined, and I'm really glad I did. Please let your husband know to take his time, but we'd love to hear from him when he is ready.
Take Care

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And sometimes the person with the cancer may not want to join this or any other support group. That may be their way of dealing with the cancer or it just may be their personal preference. But there is nothing wrong with a caregiver gaining knowledge or support from this group and passing it on! Welcome.

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The caregiver is in this battle equally with the one afflicted!!!As my girlfriend/caregiver says:"When you hurt, I hurt". Best of luck......Steve

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Hi, I am a caregiver, also, and I came here for info. My husband doesn't talk or wants to know anything. I can't even tell him in advance when a test is coming up. He handles things better not knowing. The people on this board have helped with encouraging words and with answers to questions I have posted. No one here has ever made me feel unwelcomed. Keep reading and posting. It has helped.

Posts: 251
Joined: Jan 2009

I am a caregiver also and have been here for awhile sometimes posting but always lurking and reading. This group of people are just FANTASTIC...they are always there to inform, encourage and lift your spirits. I have never known such wonderful and thoughtful people. They have helped me more than they will ever know. My husband was dx with colorectal cancer 8/06 had colostomy 9/06, chemo of every kind availabel from 11/06 to 12/08 then told nothing left but go to Vanderbilt for phase 1 clinical trial. Went to Vandy 12/08 told not candidate for clinical trial but candidate for surgery. He had 4 % of right lobe of lung removed 2/09 and 75% of right lobe of liver removed which had grown and attached to his diaphram in 5/09. NED for two months then mets returned to both lungs multi sites nothing to do but clinical trial. Removed from clinical trial 1/10 and awaiting the possiblity of another clinical trial when we go to oncologist on 2/15/10. The cancerous mets continue to grow nothing slowing down or stopping. I tell you all this to let you know these semi-colons have been so supportive and helpful on my good days and especially on the bad days. I could not have made it this far on this journey without them. My husband does not get on the site but appreciates the support we get here and the information. They are like family! So wellcome to the family ...hope everything goes better for you and your spouse.
Will keep you in my thoughts.

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It's all about gaining information about colon cancer. You can tell him how wonderful this site is and I'm sure he'll make a B line for this place.
I hope he's doing well

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Nice to meet you...always feel free to ask anything at all, as you read in here we normally don't cull or miss anything. As we say we talk about everything from poop to peanuts. Every question is a valid one in this journey. I also promise that there is someone in here that will have a legitimate answer for any question you have, and if spouse joins in the banter he will find peace of mind as well as many many friends that are going through the same things as he is and love sharing so that others may be able to take shortcuts or save time or even money on things that may be unnecessary or things that are. Its just a fabulous place to hang out, and the foods not to shabby either.....Love, Hope, and a Pleasant path through this.......Buzzard.......Oh and BTW.....Welcome Home......:)

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Nice screen name, by the way. It says alot about you. I'm also caregiver to my DH. He was diagnosed Nov. 2008, had chemo txs and now is clear. He is stage III. As the previous posts have mentioned coming here is a Godsend. It helped me to understand the side effects of the drugs he was on and many other situations as well. I'm sure you'll find this site a help to you also. I've met many fine and wonderful friends here and you will to. So, welcome aboard.

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