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Calling all female readers and posters...........

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This is not cancer related, but want to know if any of the female gender has or is going through what I am and to see what your doctor(s) recommended.

I started my period late in life (16 or 17 yrs) and was good to go for many years. After having my son and few years later I started to have irregular periods and spotting for days on end. After several visits with to Gyn and even switching drs at one point, having a vagina / cervix scope done, the Gyn at that time indicated I should try to pill. I didn't want to at that time because of the side of effects, but did it anyways.

After being on the pill for awhile my periods stopped all together (horray), that was GREAT!!! and according to my GYN can be normal. Was on the pill for many years.

DX with colon cancer in 2006 by emergency surgery. Had surgeries and did chemo. At my last surgery (2007) I developed a tiny blood clot in my right lung, so there went the pill. No more, because it can cause blood clots.

So mother nature decided to become active again in March 2007. It was okay the first few months, but then once again, irregular periods and spotting for days on end, so started see the GYN (he's the best) again.

Had me tested for early menopause, did two biospies, pelvic ultrasounds, hormone pills and the ultrasound shows cysts, hormone pills worked once in awhile and not early menopause and biospies were clear as well as pap smears.

He has now recommended a D&C (dilation & curettage) as well as a Endometrial Ablation. I have an appointment with one of his colleagues this Thursday evening to discuss procedures.

Has anyone has these and did they seem to work?

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....sigh...aren't we lucky?

Are you planning on more children? If not, have you talked about a hysterectomy with your doctor? I used to be very anti-hysterectomy unless absolutely necessary, but for a 40-something gal, menopause is right around the corner anyway. Why put yourself through all those procedures?

I had a hysterectomy just over a year ago, and although menopause isn't the greatest, it would have caught me eventually. Truly, Nudgie, I'm not missing any of those parts and not missing those awful monthly visits with Mother Nature. I'm glad I did the surgery.

You can opt to keep your ovaries (I had mine removed - because of the HNPCC risk and "stuff" I was growing on ovaries and endometrium), which will make the menopause easier to deal with. You can talk to your onc about HRT (hormone replacement therapy), but again, with my HNPCC risk I opted out of the hormone replacement. I'm great - no crazy facial hair or a strange need to watch football with a painted belly...

The surgery was easy, easy...I did the Da Vinci robotic surgery. I checked into the hospital at 6:00 AM and checked out at 8:00 PM the same day. Recovery at home was relatively easy, with minor discomfort (compared to resection) and after about four days I was fully mobile.

Just something to think about....

Hope you get the relief you need.

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I went into early menopause at age 41 with my very first dose of chemo. My primary physician had me hormonally tested and that confirmed I'm in menopause. Although I now have saggier skin much to my dismay, I don't miss having periods at all.
I would look into having a hysterectomy, especially if you've had pelvic radiation. I was told that down the road the radiation can cause cancer of the ovaries, uterus, etc. My colorectal surgeon suggested having a hysterectomy within the next few years. I haven't really thought about it much, but would definitely if I were having the issues you're now having. I've heard the ablation is helpful- the only thought there is that it would not reduce a future cancer risk there.

Take care-

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At the lovely age of 32 in 1999 I was brought into full menopause. The every 7 day chemo appt for a year brought me there swiftly. I had issues for years so finally in 2005 I had hysterectomy. I talked to many as in probably 20 to 30 women at the gynecology office who had ablation for one reason or another. Most said they had to have it done two to three time to get complete relief. Some said they didn't want to do the second or third one and some said the sloughing off was just as much a nusicance as having your period. To me, I chose why bother and let them take it all. I wear an estrogen patch Vivelle Dot .0375mg that I change twice a week. And I have no menopausal symptoms of anykind. NONE My periods never bothered me but they were changed by chemo and many times 15 to 18 days long. Way too much. To me my parts were there to make babies, and I did that. I feel just as much me, my oncologist requesting I keep ovaries, because colon cancer comes back else where it would give it some where to go. But after going thru everything a million times my only regret was I should have done it sooner. I hope this helps.
I always look forward to reading your posts.
Goofyladie (Cass)

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I had total hysterectomy done, the colon tumor had spread to and engulfed one overy. I had heavy painful periods always, and am so glad that's all over. They don't advise hormone replacement therapy due to breast cancer link, but the oncologist nurse told me some women have luck with soy or vitamin E. I had instant menopause-hot flashes-night sweats- along with the chemo, miserable, but after trying the Vitamin E found it helped a lot. It has all passed now, 5 years later and I have no regrets about having the total hysterectomy. Hope you can get some relief no matter what you opt to do, but those procedures sound a bit more complicated than just getting a hysterectomy, with no guarantee they won't have to do again in the future. With my cancer history I opted for the removal of the other overy too, and as someone else posted, no beard or changes I have noticed.

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I had an endometiral ablation about 4 years ago, it was wonderful, no more periods for me. Since then I have had a hysterectomy but this was done during my resection, they got rid of any organ that could possibly get cancer.

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hi nudgie,

i havent had those test d&c. but i did have early menopause at age 38 i have no children. i feel like my early menopause was a signal my body was sending out. i had hair loss, night sweats really bad, hot flashes. my obgyn put me on the pill to try to regulate my hormones & protect my bones. my period was very light.
i was diagnosed last year with stage 4 colon cancer at age 44. my doctor said the cancer had probably been growing for 10yrs. after surgery i developed alot of blood clots & an allergy to heparin. currently im on coumadin. havent had a period in a year.
good luck

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Total hyster, but then, I was 50 years young, so wasn't getting any benefit from it anyway. And, because no one is sure about the genetics, since my mom had endometrial cancer, and her dad died from colon cancer, I had everything removed. Chemo had already taken care of my periods, anyway.

Hugs, Kathi

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I have two friends who have had major relief from symptoms after having endometrial ablation. I was trying to get lined up for it myself the month before my colon cancer dx so now the plan is on hold while I have cancer treatment. It's less invasive than a hysterectomy and usually stops periods is what my ob-gyn told me. She also said if I wanted the least invasive there is a new hormonal I.U.D. for perimenopausal women that stops periods and accompanying problematic symptoms in a few months. Don't know anyone who has had one of these new devices, but do have two friends who have been very pleased with the ablation procedure.

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Hi Nudgie,
One of my friends, mother of 3, young- 38, just had Endometrial Ablation. She said it has had a great positive influence on her life. She said it did not hurt and it has settled her "female issues" down quite a bit.

Best to you.


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I had my 1st child at 33 my second at 39 tubes tied at that time went into full blown big M lasted 9 yrs and now I am done since age 48 now 62 and very glad to be done with it. Still have all my plumbing but it just hangs in there not doing a thing LOL...


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Hi Nudgie,

So sorry to hear about you "female issues". I have been an ultrasonographer at a large womens hosptial for over 23 years.

I also work for an infertility/gynecology specialist.
We do endometrial ablations in the office under ultrasound guidance. The procedure is very effective and patients are extrememely satisfied with the results.

Just thought I would give you my medical experience opinion. Hope it is helpful as you make your decision.


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I started this journey by going to Gyn MD for heavy periods lasting for 1mo. He started me on low dose pill. This was in 8/08. He sent me to PC MD for high b/p, who in turn sent me for colonoscopy because I was 50. This is when they found CC. So during chemo I quit having periods. But 2mo after my last treatment I had a period lasting for 2mo. Finally in Jan I went back to Gyn MD and he found a polyp or something in my uterus so I have to have something like a D&C and while he is in there he is going to do the ablation. I had researched it back in 08 but he says the procedure is better now. They inflate a balloon in the uterus and add hot water in it. Is that how yours will be? I have only heard good reports after it from the people I know have had it. I am waiting for nurse to call and schedule. Will let you know how it goes. Ann

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Hey Nudgie---

Sorry, i don't know you well enough to know how old you are. I am almost 42, and had the novasure oh, maybe around 37 or so for me. My dr. thought i had adenomyosis which can't be diagnosed until removing the uterus.. So, i tried the novasure to control the bleeding, and anemia that i had. It was a pretty easy procedure---maybe three or so days of pain at home. I didn't even spend the night in the hospital. Mine did not work, however. I had periods beginning about 2 mos after the procedure.

I did elect to have a hysterectomy w/ my resection. I had it because i still had pain which we thought might be uterine and heavy cycles. Menopause is an adjustment. I just got my hormones right again after suffering w/ hot flashes for 3-4 mos. I use a bioidentical estrogen gel that is wonderful.

I have a board recommendation for you. I spent alot of time there before i rec'd my diagnosis. It is www.hystersisters.com It is a pretty active board that is searchable.

Good luck in your decision making process...I know that decision is a tough one. I would find out your dr. 's success rate and what type of ablation he has done, and how many.

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I don't have time to write my ordeal here for you. I'll shorten it to say I had a lot of female issues, including endometriosis and irregular periods (including bleeding for months on end), and eventually had a hysterectomy due to a battle with cervical cancer that wasn't cured with multiple procedures, so I made the decision to remove it all!

Someone recommended hystersisters to me back then, and I found it to be a wonderful resource.

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