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Hi all,my husband was diagnosed in this past Sept. with Stage IV EC, lymph node activity and several small lesions in his liver. He started chemo (EOX) and was having good results. Then his tumor markers started increasing again so tomorrow he starts CPT-11 and cisplatin. His dr. says surgery is not an option because of organ involvement, but I've read some of the posts here and some of you with stage IV have had surgery. We want to be as aggressive as possbile. He is young (60) and otherwise in good health. Any advice?

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HI Elle-e

I don't personally have experience with stage 4, my dad was dx'd with stage 3 in Aug of this year. At one point there was a question weather a lymph node near his liver was "suspicious" and it apparently turned out to be OK---but that is always at the back of my mind.

There are a few on here that were stage 4 that got surgery---one I know is BettyinVegas-- You may try to contact her or look at her posts to see how they went about they're journey.

Is he getting radiation as well--what part of the country are you in? It seems no matter where you are at with this disease (Ec as we call it here) --someone on this site has been thru it also... some people use the site to get info, support, to vent or just to have someone to relate to about something so unexpected as this!

Keep posting---you'll get answers...

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Thanks, Kim

He's not getting radiation either. He is able to eat with no problem and is maintaining his weight. We live in NY and went to Mass General in Boston for a second opinion and that dr. said the same thing. Our dr. here in NY is in contact with the Boston dr.

I was so glad to find this site! You all seem so close and caring. It's a comfort to have people to talk to.


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Betty in Vegas
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And get in touch with Lois Dickerman. Her husband was treated at a center in Colorado with Sirspheres in the liver and with chemo and rad to the esophagus and he is a 9 year I think, stage IV survivor. NED for 7 years I think.

And this is without surgery.

We got surgery, but Layne was stage IVM1A. No mets to organs, just to celiac nodes prior to surgery.

I would contact Lois and I would consider going to Colorado, if I were in your shoes.

Welcome to the list.


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